Date: 01.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

FSB Elevates Sports Betting with Innovative Pre-Packed Bet Builder

Global sports betting platform provider FSB has announced the launch of its latest product, a fully automated, pre-packed Bet Builder, now available on its sportsbook platform.

This groundbreaking product leverages FSB’s proprietary football pricing models to generate a comprehensive array of pre-built Bet Builder bets for individual matches, setting a new standard in sports betting innovation.

Extensive Coverage Across Global Leagues

FSB’s pre-packed Bet Builder is designed to cover an impressive range of nearly 100,000 annual matches. This includes both top-flight and lower league games across various continents, encompassing men’s and women’s football. This expansive coverage demonstrates FSB’s commitment to providing diverse betting options to its users.

The development of the pre-packed Bet Builder is the result of a multi-month collaboration among FSB’s Trading, Product, and Quant teams. At the heart of this product is player/team props content, all constructed with a keen focus on user experience (UX) optimization. This is evident in the product’s unique front-end carousel display, designed to enhance user engagement and accessibility.

A Leap Forward in Football Betting

Mark Wilson, FSB’s Sportsbook and Trading Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product, stating, “The exciting introduction of our Pre-Packed Bet Builder product truly takes our football offering onto another level.” Wilson highlighted the substantial volumes of automated, pre-packed betting content produced to maximize the product’s potential, noting the initial data that shows margins exceeding 30% and increased player Lifetime Value (LTV) across FSB’s partner network.

This latest rollout underscores FSB’s position as a leading specialist in B2B sportsbook technology. The company prides itself on its ability to create innovative and contemporary sportsbook technology products that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the industry.

Our Comment on FSB’s Pre-Packed Bet Builder Launch

The introduction of FSB’s Pre-Packed Bet Builder represents a significant advancement in the sports betting landscape. By automating and pre-packing betting content, FSB not only streamlines the betting process but also enhances the user experience with its UX-focused design.

This innovative approach to football betting, combined with the product’s extensive coverage and high-margin potential, positions FSB as a forward-thinking leader in sportsbook technology. As the industry continues to evolve, FSB’s commitment to innovation and user engagement sets a new benchmark for others to follow.