by Mateusz Mazur

Gaming Corps Joins Forces with WKND to Enrich CasinoFriday’s Offerings

In a recent development that’s set to enhance the online gaming experience, Gaming Corps, the Sweden-based game development company known for its innovative gaming solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with WKND.

This collaboration is poised to bring an array of premium games to CasinoFriday, WKND’s renowned online casino platform, particularly targeting the Finnish and Norwegian markets.

Expanding Gaming Horizons

WKND, recognized for its commitment to creating premium online casino environments, is set to diversify its game offerings through this partnership.

Gaming Corps will introduce its entire suite of premium games, including popular titles like Piggy Smash, Raging Zeus Mines, Mighty Mammoth, and Lobster Hotpot, along with the acclaimed game series Jet Lucky and Coin Miner. This addition is expected to significantly enhance the gaming experience for CasinoFriday’s players.

A Symbiotic Collaboration

Danielle Calafato, Chief Commercial Officer from Gaming Corps said: “WKND has made a mark on the online casino market in a short space of time, and we are delighted to become a part of their journey by offering our exhilarating suite of games to CasinoFriday’s players.

“This partnership allows us to expand our reach further in Finland and Norway and I look forward to making the most of the opportunities this agreement presents as we continue to strengthen our games portfolio.”

Marcus Fabricius, Head of Casino from WKND said: “We are very excited to partner with Gaming Corps. At WKND, we are extremely focused on offering the best possible gaming experiences, and Gaming Corps’ fantastic and expanding list of games will help us do just that.

“I’m sure Gaming Corps’ titles will prove to be a hit with our players and will make CasinoFriday’s offering even stronger.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between Gaming Corps and WKND marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, promising to bring a fresh wave of entertainment to players in Finland and Norway.

By combining Gaming Corps’ innovative gaming solutions with WKND’s unique approach to online gaming, this collaboration is set to elevate the user experience on CasinoFriday.

As the iGaming landscape continues to evolve, such partnerships are crucial in driving the industry forward, offering players more diverse and immersive gaming options.

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