by Mateusz Mazur

German Tote Partners with TPD for Advanced Horse Racing Data Insights

In an exciting development for the horse racing industry, German Tote, the esteemed betting operator, has announced a strategic partnership with Total Performance Data (TPD), the global frontrunner in live horse racing data provision.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way race tracking and data monetization are approached across Germany’s 19 thoroughbred racecourses, in addition to several harness tracks, with the initiative kicking off at Berlin’s prestigious Hoppegarten racecourse at the onset of the Turf season in late March.

Enhancing the Racing Experience with Cutting-edge Technology

The integration of TPD’s advanced tracking technology promises to elevate the racing experience, offering fans and punters unprecedented insights into live races. Key features such as live running orders will now be prominently displayed on big screens at racecourses, enhancing the spectator experience and engagement. TPD’s role extends beyond visual enhancements, as the company is also set to provide comprehensive data feeds and in-play odds, aimed at boosting betting turnover and overall engagement with the sport.

German racing enthusiasts can look forward to an enriched betting experience, thanks to TPD’s delivery of state-of-the-art sectional timing and stride data. This level of detail offers a deeper understanding of each race, allowing punters to make more informed betting decisions.

Prestigious Races and International Expansion

The partnership ensures that iconic German races, such as the Deutsches Derby and the Grosser Preis von Berlin, will now be featured alongside global racing events within TPD’s extensive data portfolio. This move follows the recent announcement of TPD’s merger with tripleSdata, Australasia’s leading live racing data company, highlighting TPD’s expanding international footprint and its commitment to enhancing the global horse racing industry.

Riko Luiking, Managing Director of German Tote, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “After a careful review and trials of different systems, like many others, we chose TPD. They have a great system, significant experience, and represent value for money.” Luiking also commended TPD’s hardware partner, GMax, for their efficiency and expertise in ensuring a smooth rollout across all 19 racecourses, expected to be completed by August.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of TPD, shared his excitement about the collaboration, noting, “We’re so pleased to welcome German Tote and German racing after over a year of work between both teams.” Duff Gordon emphasized the importance of providing in-race performance metrics to bolster interest in German horse racing, particularly in the classic races, appealing to a broad audience including breeders, punters, and horsemen.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between German Tote and TPD marks a significant milestone in the horse racing industry, setting a new standard for how race data is utilized and monetized. By leveraging advanced tracking technology and data analytics, this collaboration not only enhances the spectator experience but also opens new avenues for betting engagement and industry growth.

As TPD continues to expand its global reach, the integration of its innovative solutions within the German racing scene signifies a promising future for the sport, promising a more immersive and informed betting experience for racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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