by Antoni Majewski

Hacksaw Gaming Amplifies Presence in Spanish Market with Betsson Group Partnership

Hacksaw Gaming, an emerging force in the online gaming industry, is setting its sights on becoming a top provider in the Spanish market, following its successful launch in late 2021.

This ambition is bolstered by its partnership with the Betsson Group, a major player in the Spanish casino scene, known for having the most extensive slot game offerings in the country.

A Strategic Expansion with Betsson Group

Hacksaw Gaming’s expansion into the Spanish market is part of a broader strategy that has seen them go live in six regulated markets with Betsson since their partnership began in 2021. Their offerings, known for their stimulating and cutting-edge nature, are set to complement Betsson’s diverse range of gambling products, appealing to a wide array of players, including sports fans and jackpot enthusiasts.

The partnership’s success is not limited to Spain. Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio of games has also been launched on Betsafe Lithuania in November, with plans to extend to Betsson Croatia in the coming weeks. This expansion reflects the company’s growing influence across European markets.

Celebratory Comments from Betsson and Hacksaw Gaming

Laura Sanchez, Casino Manager of Betsson Spain, expressed excitement about the collaboration, seeing it as a key step in offering new and engaging games to Betsson’s customers. “What a way to celebrate 60 years of Betsson! Exciting news – we’re now live with the awesome games from Hacksaw Gaming,” said Sanchez.

Marcus Cordes, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the pleasure of working with Betsson and expressing enthusiasm for future successful launches as 2024 approaches.

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between Hacksaw Gaming and Betsson Group signifies a strategic move in the online gaming industry, particularly in the Spanish market. Hacksaw Gaming’s entry into this market, supported by Betsson’s robust presence and reputation, presents a significant opportunity for both companies to capture a larger audience and diversify their gaming offerings.

This partnership not only demonstrates Hacksaw Gaming’s growing footprint in European markets but also highlights the importance of strategic collaborations in the gaming industry for reaching new customer segments and enhancing the gaming experience. As the industry continues to evolve, such partnerships will be crucial in shaping the future of online gaming and in meeting the diverse preferences of players across different regions.

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