Date: 16.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur Joins Forces with Ekstra Bladet: A New Era in Danish Sports Gaming, Denmark’s premier developer and provider of manager games, is set for a new ownership chapter as Danske Licens Spil, a subsidiary of Danske Spil, announces the sale of its 60% stake in ApS, the company behind, to Ekstra Bladet.

Strategic Move in Digital Sports

Anders Borup Sørensen, the Managing Editor at Ekstra Bladet, describes the acquisition as a pivotal milestone in Ekstra Bladet’s strategy to lead digitally in sports. “ boasts a unique market position, and we’re excited for them to join Ekstra Bladet. This acquisition, along with our recent purchase of, Denmark’s foremost football media, aligns perfectly with our strategic ambitions in sports,” he stated.

With nearly 200,000 users, has seen impressive growth in recent years. The future looks even brighter with ambitions to further expand this market leadership in close collaboration with Ekstra Bladet and “The synergy between,, and Ekstra Bladet is ideal. We see significant potential in further developing’s strong position and business,” commented Signe Skarequist, Commercial Director at Ekstra Bladet.

Maintaining Independence

Despite the change in ownership, will continue operating as an independent brand and business. The focus will be on growth and development in close cooperation with founders and co-owners, Ole Christensen and Jesper Bjørn Carstensen.

Ole Christensen, CEO of ApS, expressed pride in the journey of and eagerness to continue the venture with Ekstra Bladet. “Launching in 2009 and building such a popular gaming universe has been incredible. We’re excited to make sports more enjoyable for even more fans, in close collaboration with Ekstra Bladet and,” he said.

A Fond Farewell from Danske Spil

Danske Spil, parting with after eight and a half years, shares satisfaction with the platform’s progression. “We’ve valued our co-ownership and are proud of Swush’s recent growth and’s success. We’re glad to have found a fitting new home for and look forward to its further development under Ekstra Bladet,” remarked Nikolas Lyhne-Knudsen, Chairman of Danske Licens Spil and CEO of Danske Spil.

Pending approval at Danske Spil’s extraordinary general meeting, Ekstra Bladet is set to become the principal owner of ApS by January 31, 2024. The terms of the deal, including the purchase price, remain confidential.

Our Comment on the Article

This acquisition signals a new era for, blending its established gaming community with Ekstra Bladet’s digital prowess. This partnership underlines the potential for digital

sports platforms in creating engaging, interactive experiences. The strategic alignment and synergy between and Ekstra Bladet highlight a shared vision for innovation in the digital sports domain. It’s an exciting time for Danish sports gaming, as this collaboration promises enhanced experiences for fans and users alike. This transition will be a key watchpoint for industry observers, signaling new trends in how digital sports content and gaming platforms can coalesce for a richer user engagement.