Date: 02.11.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

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“I passionately advocate for responsible gambling practices”

Rebekah Jackson, the Director of Gaming at GBG Plc, shares insights into her role within the company, the challenges faced, as well as the expansion into the Latin American markets. We also touched upon the subject of competition and the increasingly difficult battle to acquire new customers.

Rebekah Jackson interview

Can you tell us about your current role as the Director of Gaming at GBG and what your main responsibilities entail?

As the Director of Gaming at GBG, my primary focus lies in driving company growth through strategic partnerships with gaming customers and innovation to meet their needs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

A major part of my role, and a big passion of mine, is cultivating collaborative relationships with gaming operators, platforms, and affiliates. These partnerships form the foundation of our expansion within the gaming industry, pushing our business and the industry forward. Notably, a substantial portion of the EGR Power 50, spanning the Sportsbooks, Poker, Casinos, esports, Platforms, and Lottery sectors, have chosen to partner with us for identity verification, fraud prevention and compliance.

Critically, collaborating closely with gaming customers provides invaluable insights into market dynamics, steering our innovation efforts. I take immense pride in introducing cutting-edge gaming solutions to the market, exemplifying our commitment to not only staying at the forefront but leading industry advancements. We do this by holding regular customer events to gain insight and feedback as well as attending global events such as ICE, SiGMA, and SBC.

Moreover, I passionately advocate for responsible gambling practices. Our shared goal at GBG is to ensure that all our products prioritise the protection of underage visitors and shield vulnerable customers from gambling-related harm. This commitment underscores our dedication to nurturing a sustainable and ethically grounded business foundation.

Gaming is a key vertical in GBG’s growth plan. How have you contributed to launching new products and expanding into new geographies in your current role?

I actively contribute to GBG’s international expansion and product introductions in emerging gaming markets. My role focuses on ensuring we have a deep understanding of local regulations and leveraging this insight to build best-in-market solutions for our customers. An example of our work can be seen in our presence in Ontario, where we were the first identity verification provider to introduce a FINTRAC compliant verification solution tailored for gaming operators in Candana.

This was the result of hard work and expertise from our skilled team members, whose in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape informed our product development, data acquisition and marketing efforts. We also gained exclusive access to two major credit bureaus, enabling our customers to improve player acquisition rates and user experience while delivering FINTRAC compliance. Currently, we’re the preferred supplier of choice, with over 60% of iGaming brands in Ontario working with us.

Our expansion efforts extend to Latin America, where we’ve carefully identified opportunities and navigated the unique regulatory requirements of the region. This has resulted in tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of gaming operators and regulators across Latin American countries.

Identity verification is a crucial aspect of customer onboarding for gaming companies. Could you elaborate on the challenges you’ve faced and solutions you’ve implemented in this area during your tenure at GBG Plc?

One of the biggest challenges in the gaming industry is the acquisition of new customers. The competitive landscape is fierce, requiring substantial marketing efforts to vie for market share. Balancing the need for cost-effective acquisition while ensuring regulatory Anti-Money Laundering compliance is an ongoing challenge.

Moreover, the industry faces a persistent threat of ever-increasing fraud, particularly in the form of bonus abuse and account opening fraud. There is a need in the market for robust solutions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities while delivering an exceptional user experience and ensuring player protection.

To meet these challenges head-on, GBG has implemented a range of innovative solutions:

Multi Bureau Solution in the UK empowers operators to access all three UK credit bureaus through ID3Global, maximising the number of genuine customers passing straight through onboarding KYC checks first time without the need to verify documents. Multi Bureau is also available in Canada, and we are looking to replicate the success in other regions.

GBG’s Origination Fraud solutions, part of our ID3 Global offering, provide operators with the tools to identify and combat bonus abuse and account opening fraud by assessing the legitimacy of presented identities. By layering Email Intelligence and Mobile Intelligence, operators can detect duplicate accounts used for bonus abuse and we’ve also introduced Mortality Checks to prevent the use of ‘dead accounts’.  Furthermore, GBG Trust, our unique fraud consortium, leverages insights from millions of gaming customer interactions to flag high-risk accounts and recent bonus abuse scams, providing an invaluable resource for combatting fraud.

International coverage: We have enhanced our data, documents, and biometric coverage globally in over 194 countries, making it easy for iGaming businesses around the world to identify international customers and transact with confidence around the world no matter where they are expanding.

GBG Compliance: Allows iGaming operators to monitor transactions for fraud and money laundering risk in one easy-to-use platform in real-time. Our customers can simply configure risk thresholds, rules, and workflows to combat fraudsters and comply with AML regulations.

Affordability checks ensure player protection: Our range of affordability checks can be layered to identity vulnerable players and ensure player protection, without sacrificing a seamless user experience.

In summary, GBG’s comprehensive suite of solutions address the multifaceted challenges of identity verification in the gaming industry, facilitating seamless customer onboarding while ensuring compliance and player protection, safeguarding against fraud, and delivering an exceptional user experience.

As the Global Business Development Manager for Gaming, you worked with various stakeholders, including regulators. How do you navigate the complex landscape of compliance requirements in the gaming industry?

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with regulators on a global scale, from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to the Malta Gaming Authority as well as regulatory bodies in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, Curacao, and Ontario. This extensive experience has provided me with valuable expertise in effectively manoeuvring through the intricate web of compliance requirements within the gaming industry.

My approach involves not only a deep understanding of these regulations but also a commitment to advising on best practices and compliance processes. I work diligently to ensure that gaming operators not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, with an unwavering focus on maintaining the highest data quality standards throughout our discussions and implementations.

What do you see as the most significant trends or challenges facing the iGaming industry in the coming years, and how do you plan to address them in your current position at GBG Plc?

The iGaming industry is on the cusp of significant changes and challenges in the coming years, and it’s imperative for us to proactively address these shifts.

Bonus abuse: The persistent issue of bonus abuse demands effective solutions. GBG’s Email Intelligence and GBG Trust offer essential tools to identify and mitigate this challenge. Email Intelligence helps detect suspicious email addresses created for promotional abuse, while GBG Trust, our fraud consortium, flags high-risk accounts engaged in bonus abuse scams.

Transaction monitoring: With growing concerns about financial fraud and money laundering, robust transaction monitoring is essential. GBG Compliance plays a pivotal role in addressing this concern by providing powerful solutions for thorough monitoring and risk assessment.

Increasing regulations: The iGaming industry is facing ever-tightening regulations, both in the UK and globally. GBG’s Global Data Documents coverage is invaluable in this regard, ensuring operators have access to comprehensive, up-to-date information. Additionally, we’re vigilant against emerging threats like deep fakes and GAN-generated fakes in documents, employing advanced technology to detect and prevent fraud.

Managing costs and client acquisition rates: In a fiercely competitive landscape, managing costs while optimising customer acquisition rates is crucial. GBG is committed to delivering market-leading user experiences that attract and retain customers safely and efficiently.

Open banking: As open banking and new technologies reshape the financial landscape, GBG is poised to adapt. We’re continuously exploring innovative solutions that leverage emerging technologies to enhance our offerings and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Ultimately, these challenges also present opportunities for growth and innovation. By staying agile, investing in technology, and collaborating closely with our customers and partners, we’re well positioned to navigate these trends and ensure that GBG remains a trusted leader in providing solutions for the iGaming industry.





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