Date: 01.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

IBIA’s 2023 Report Shows Decline in Suspicious Betting Alerts, Highlighting Integrity Efforts

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), the premier global entity advocating for integrity within the licensed sports betting industry, has released its sports betting integrity report for 2023. The findings reveal a significant 35% reduction in suspicious sports betting alerts, with the total dropping to 184 from the revised 2022 figure of 285. This decline underscores the effectiveness of IBIA’s monitoring and alert network in safeguarding sports integrity.

A Positive Trend in Sports Betting Integrity

The decrease in alerts is a promising sign, indicating that the measures implemented by IBIA and its partners are successfully deterring fraudulent activities in sports betting. The report also emphasizes the role of IBIA’s data in proving the corruption of 74 matches and the increase in sanctions against clubs, players, and officials for violations of sports betting rules.

Enhanced Detection and Deterrence Capabilities

IBIA’s growing influence, now overseeing over US$137 billion in global betting turnover annually, has fortified its position as the leading integrity monitoring body. This expansion has improved IBIA’s ability to identify and counteract suspicious activities, contributing to the overall reduction in alerts.

The report highlights the significance of regulated sports betting operators joining an international sports integrity monitoring body, a practice that is becoming a legal requirement in well-regulated markets. Notably, Brazil, with the third-highest number of alerts, recently adopted this mandate, reflecting the global trend towards strengthening sports integrity frameworks.

A Collaborative Approach to Integrity

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, commends the collaborative efforts between IBIA, sports organizations, and regulators as crucial to the success in reducing fraudulent activities. However, he also cautions against the persistent threat posed by unregulated operators, particularly in Asia, emphasizing the need for ongoing vigilance.

The report details significant reductions in suspicious alerts across various sports, with football and tennis leading in the number of alerts. The noteworthy decrease in tennis alerts, in particular, highlights the progress made in combating match-fixing in the sport. IBIA’s efforts have led to substantial sanctions, including life bans, against individuals involved in corrupt activities, showcasing the impact of collective action in maintaining sports integrity.

Conclusion: Strengthening the Integrity of Sports Betting

IBIA’s 2023 report reflects a positive trajectory in the fight against sports betting corruption, driven by enhanced monitoring capabilities, regulatory compliance, and collaborative efforts. As the association continues to work with key partners, the focus remains on upholding the integrity of sports betting and protecting the interests of all stakeholders involved.