by Antoni Majewski

IMG’s Digital Trends Report 2024: Revolutionizing the Sports Media Landscape

IMG, a global leader in sports, events, and representation, has released its Digital Trends Report 2024, providing insights into the technological advancements and developments set to reshape the sports media industry. This sixth edition of the report highlights key trends, including smarter stadiums, generative AI utilization, and digital monetization strategies for women’s sports.


One of the report’s key predictions is the rise of smarter stadiums. These advanced venues will utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance fan experiences, reduce operational costs, and create deeper connections with audiences. Smart stadium solutions will include efficient control of infrastructure and targeted advertising opportunities for brands. Examples like San Francisco 49ers and Tottenham Hotspur’s stadiums already exemplify this trend.

Generative AI: A Game Changer

The rapid adoption of generative AI, especially post the launch of ChatGPT, is transforming how sports organizations operate. In 2024, AI will play a crucial role in streamlining processes, creating innovative content, and unveiling new commercial opportunities. Early adopters are using AI to improve ticket sales, retail conversions, and optimize pricing strategies through advanced analytics.

Web3 and Machine Learning: Defining the Internet’s Third Age

The report predicts a significant impact of web3 technologies, including blockchain and immersive virtual experiences, in shaping the internet’s next phase. Machine learning will power these developments, separating the transformative technologies from those that will fade.

Women’s Sports: A Digital Commercial Opportunity

Recognizing the engaged and digital-savvy audience of women’s sports, the report foresees 2024 as a pivotal year for translating digital engagement into profitable commercial partnerships. This shift is backed by data indicating a higher propensity of these audiences to engage with supporting brands.

Personalization: The New Norm

Personalized experiences are becoming essential in sports media. The challenge is to attract younger audiences accustomed to algorithmically tailored content. Sports organizations must adapt to this trend to remain relevant to generations accustomed to personalized media.

Redefining ‘Social’ Media

The report suggests a shift in how sports organizations perceive social media. With public interactions moving to private messaging apps, the focus is now on content distribution and platform-specific strategies to meet organizational goals.

The Era of Mega Influencers

2024 is expected to see the continued rise of mega influencers in sports. High-profile moves and partnerships, like those involving Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Taylor Swift, demonstrate the power of influencers in attracting new fans and creating growth opportunities.

Our Comment on the Article

IMG’s Digital Trends Report 2024 serves as a roadmap for sports organizations navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The emphasis on smarter stadiums, AI integration, and the potential of web3 technologies highlights the sector’s forward-thinking approach. Particularly noteworthy is the focus on monetizing women’s sports digitally, a move that could reshape the commercial dynamics of the sports industry.

The report also underscores the importance of personalization and rethinking social media strategies, aligning with the changing consumer behaviors and preferences. As sports entities adapt to these trends, they stand to unlock new levels of fan engagement and revenue opportunities, setting the stage for a digitally-driven era in sports media.

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