Date: 11.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 11.09.2023 12:34

IWG Promotes Jason Lisiecki to Executive Vice President

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a prominent supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, has taken a significant step forward by promoting Jason Lisiecki to the newly created position of Executive Vice President, Global.

This strategic move underscores IWG’s commitment to furthering its global presence and leveraging Lisiecki’s extensive experience in the lottery and eInstant games sector.

Jason Lisiecki’s Vast Lottery Expertise

Jason Lisiecki’s appointment as Executive Vice President, Global, signifies his role as a knowledge bearer. With years of experience in the lottery industry, particularly in eInstant games, Lisiecki is poised to impart valuable insights and best practices to IWG’s global customer base. His focus will revolve around promoting program excellence and driving sales growth.

While taking on this new global role, Lisiecki will continue to oversee IWG’s partnerships with North American lotteries. From a strategic and product management perspective, he will play a pivotal role in enhancing these partnerships and contributing to their success.

Lisiecki’s Contributions to IWG

Lisiecki joined IWG over five years ago as Vice President, North America, where he played a crucial role in shaping the company’s lottery accounts and content strategy in the region. His efforts have been instrumental in facilitating the launch and development of eInstant programs for numerous lotteries across North America.

Rhydian Fisher, CEO of IWG, expressed his enthusiasm about Lisiecki’s promotion, stating, “Jason’s promotion is thoroughly deserved, and I could not be happier to make this announcement. Jason has been instrumental to the success of IWG and the growth of the eInstant category in North America. I know he will serve as a highly valuable resource to our customers worldwide.”

Commenting on his new position, Lisiecki stated, “Of course, I continue to be incredibly bullish about the eInstant category and innovation in the iLottery sales channel. I’m thrilled to step into this new role at IWG and look forward to partnering with all our lottery customers to support their momentum and unlock further opportunities.”

IWG’s appointment of Jason Lisiecki as Executive Vice President, Global, signifies the company’s dedication to expanding its global footprint and enhancing its relationships with lotteries worldwide. With Lisiecki’s extensive expertise, IWG is well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic world of eInstant games.