Date: 01.02.2023

by Maciej Akimow

Last update: 20.07.2023 21:27

It’s time to say hello

A new industry website,, is coming out to the igaming world today. We are excited and motivated that we will have a chance to exist in the world as a b2b medium. We hope to be an excellent complement to existing websites, and to distinguish ourselves with exclusive material and in-depth analyses that cannot be found anywhere else.

 In designing our service, we first considered the potential expectations of the industry. We will strive to make igamingexpress a comprehensive and, above all, free source of knowledge about the gaming industry from the viewer’s perspective.

The basis, of course, will be news content, but as the site develops, we want to create a real treasury of information about individual gambling markets, legislation, local networks that will allow each entity to develop its own business. We also want to integrate the whole environment, which from the perspective of the whole gaming world may seem very valuable. We will be doing this both online and offline.

We want to become a natural link between all those who operate in the broadly defined igaming industry or have a direct impact on it – operators, suppliers, legislators, regulators, as well as associations and non-profit organizations.

We will not be afraid to raise difficult topics, i.e. responsible gaming or topics related to diversity in business. In this way, we want to make our contribution to the development of the entire igaming industry worldwide. We want to do this together with partners and institutions that adhere to principles similar to ours. Activity should be systemic, not point-based.

We will place great emphasis on exclusive content. In-depth analytical, descriptive materials, interviews, videos or podcasts. Observing our service month by month, you will feel the very rapid and dynamic development of the young igaming medium. You can create it together with our team, as we will be attentive to readers’ comments and suggestions.

Nowadays, a significant difference is being created in business through technology. We want to show this technology and its latest trends so that decision makers at the top of companies can better understand it.

There are also people behind each entity. We want to strive to make our website a place where you can find the most interesting initiatives, and people worth following can present their work.

We hope to be a colorful and uncompromising complement to the existing media scene of the igaming industry.

Maciej Akimow


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