by Antoni Majewski

Low6 Partners with WhoScored.com, Revolutionizing Fantasy Football

Low6, a leader in gamification innovation, announces a dynamic partnership with the renowned football statistics website WhoScored.com, an Oddschecker Global Media brand, to amplify UltimateFan in the UK as the premier free-to-play fantasy football game.

"Low6 Partners with WhoScored.com to Elevate UltimateFan, Revolutionizing Fantasy Football

Transforming Fantasy Football: Low6 and WhoScored.com Collaboration

Low6, renowned for its innovative gamification approaches, has teamed up with WhoScored.com to supercharge the UltimateFan app in the UK, positioning it as the leading free-to-play fantasy football game. This partnership is set to revolutionize the standard fantasy football experience by integrating Low6’s unique game mechanics with WhoScored.com’s extensive football statistics and user base.

UltimateFan: A New Era in Fantasy Football

The UltimateFan app, powered by Low6, transforms the traditional fantasy game by combining digital player cards, collectibles, and pack openings with fantasy points scoring. Users can open digital football player and team cards, create lineups, compete in weekly contests, and win various prizes. This innovative approach not only engages users but also offers additional commercial opportunities through in-app purchases.

WhoScored.com plans to leverage the UltimateFan app to add value to its existing user base and create new revenue streams. The integration of UltimateFan stats into WhoScored.com’s varied product offering will provide users with deeper content, enhancing the overall experience.

Already a hit, UltimateFan has garnered about half a million installs worldwide. The game, used by brands like Flutter’s Sportsbet, Rivalry, and Superbet, as well as NFL teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals, has won awards for innovation and fantasy product.


This partnership between Low6 and WhoScored.com marks a significant milestone in the evolution of fantasy football gaming. By combining Low6’s innovative gaming mechanics with WhoScored.com’s statistical prowess and loyal user base, UltimateFan is set to redefine the free-to-play fantasy football landscape, offering an immersive and engaging experience for football enthusiasts worldwide.

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