Date: 16.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Luís Figo: Lebull’s New Face for Portuguese Sports Betting and Casino

Lebull, a prominent sports betting and casino platform in Portugal, has made a strategic move by appointing the legendary Portuguese footballer, Luís Figo, as its brand ambassador.

This alliance is set to bolster Lebull’s market presence in Portugal, enhancing its visibility and brand recognition.

A Legendary Partnership

At 51, Figo, a revered figure in Portuguese football, brings his stellar reputation to Lebull. Known for his significant contributions to clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan FC, Figo’s association with Lebull marks a pivotal point in the brand’s journey.

The UEFA Champions League winner’s first appearance in a Lebull-branded shirt marks his continued involvement in the sports world, following his previous partnership with Digitain in 2022. Figo’s entry into Lebull’s promotional activities is a testament to his enduring appeal and influence in the world of sports.

A Mutual Vision of Excellence

Speaking about the collaboration, Luís Figo expressed his enthusiasm: “I embrace this partnership with (LeBull Portugal) with great motivation! I want to help the brand gain recognition for its trust, transparency, quality of service and for providing its customers with a great experience.” This statement underscores Figo’s commitment to enhancing Lebull’s brand values.

Tiago Pereira, General Manager of, shared his excitement about the collaboration: “We are very excited to welcome one of the best players ever to play Portuguese football, and it is a great honour to have Luis Figo associated with I believe this will be the start of a successful partnership!” This highlights the company’s high expectations from this strategic partnership.

Our Comment on the Article

Luís Figo’s induction as Lebull’s brand ambassador is a significant move for the Portuguese betting and casino platform. His legendary status in football and his influence in the sports world are invaluable assets for Lebull.

This partnership not only promises enhanced brand visibility and recognition but also aligns with Lebull’s commitment to trust, quality, and customer experience. It will be intriguing to see how this collaboration unfolds and the impact it has on Lebull’s market position in the competitive world of sports betting and casinos.