Date: 02.05.2023

by Maciej Akimow

Moving beyond past conditioning. Join the workshop in Malta

One of the missions of our portal is to support employees in the process of self-development. Malta is the cradle of global igaming, and this weekend Malta will host a workshop entitled: “Moving beyond past conditioning”. We invite you to read a short interview with Eric Dowsett – the creator and presenter of the workshop. At the end you will find details of the entire event. 

If you had to name one of the biggest problems in people’s daily and professional lives what would it be? Fear? Unworked issues from the past?

Without a doubt a fundamental issue facing people today is insecurity. This manifests in many different ways and leads to all sorts of ‘ways’ to deal with it.

Until a few years ago, talking about one’s problems was often a source of shame. Now I guess those times are gone and we treat it as a process of our own development?

Many people still find it hard to talk about their problems, a part of the reason being they are not aware of principle cause for their issues. When people talk now about their problems they are mostly relating the symptoms they experience as a result of the problem. Clearing does not require people to open up about their problems thus creating a much safer place.

The world is developing, but sometimes we have the impression that with development comes problems that people cannot cope with, because the pace of life is very fast and there is often no time for that.

The main reason, I believe, that we have trouble coping is because we have gotten used to certain ways of being, established over many years. When those ways of being challenge our current perceptions of reality they cause a build up of stress as we insist, consciously or otherwise, on holding onto the past that we know. Resistance to change is the biggest issue here.

How then can you start to work on yourself in small steps?

We can begin by changing our language. To do this we must first become aware of what we are feeling in the body and why. Having some understanding of this helps us to not take too personally that which we notice, changing the language from “I am”: to “This is the feeling of”

Is a workshop organised by you is a good idea for this first step?

Certainly a workshop is a powerful way to begin a journey out of dependance upon old ways of being into the creation of a very different reality. A face to face workshop is really the best way to go but many people cannot do this or simply are not ready. For those there are online courses, learn about this way of being in the comfort of your own home.

Come and join workshops on Malta during next weekend! 

”Personal Clearing! What is it, Why would I ‘do’ it and What Benefits can I expect? Most of us have been conditioned since childhood and continue to follow that fundamental conditioning throughout our lives.

Yet is this face that we present to the world truly who we are or simply who we have become to believe ourselves to be?

‘Personal Clearing’ is a simple tool to help us move beyond conditioned limitations. When we can understand why we react to life as we do we can, with this increasing awareness, discover that perhaps we are not who we thought we were. If we are able to see that for the most part we react to life – based upon that early conditioning – we can begin to see that there are other possibilities, possibilities that do not perpetuate an old drama.

With new possibilities comes new opportunities, a life with less stress, less anxiety, a more peaceful mind, and it is the peaceful mind that will open doors not previously imagined.

Join us and discover for yourself how to safely bring the shadow into the light.”

Furthermore, during the workshop individuals will touch upon subject below  – 
  • Anxiety is a common problem today. In fact, many of today’s issues arise from a deep insecurity. It may not be obvious but many of our problems have their root cause in insecurity.
  • Challenges in your work environment? Many of the issues we face today are based on conflicting points of view. Getting a team to all pull together can solve most problems. ‘Clearing’ is a powerful way to do this.
  • Executives these days are pushed into areas that they are not familiar with – feeling comfortable with all aspects of your being will create less tension at home or in the workplace. If you  haven’t tried ‘Clearing’ then you may be missing out on an easier path.
  • If you have tried to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones but still find something lacking, then this is for you.
  • We try many paths on the road to more peace and happiness in our lives, until we can recognise and accept the part we have played in creating our world we will continue to look outside for the answers.
  • A new approach to old problems, one that doesn’t require you to continue struggling.
  • Clearing, developed by Eric Dowsett, who will be in Malta in May presenting a weekend workshop will share with you a path that can lead you out of chaos and confusion.

Further Details about the workshop – 

  • Friday May 5th 18.00 – 21.00 For those new to Clearing; Saturday and Sunday May 6th – 7th;  09.30 – 17.00.
  • The person that will be doing the workshop is Eric Dowsett: Here you can find his website – He does workshops worldwide and is in essence a tool which he developed that anyone can use in their daily life.
  • I have added a description above of the workshop however you can also find the information in the link below:
  • The investment for the workshop is as follow: Friday May 5th 18.00 – 21.00 For those new to Clearing – to try it out is at 35 Euros; Saturday and Sunday May 6 – 7;  09.30 – 17.00 would be at 295 Euros; For the whole 3 days it would be at 297 Euros.
  • The theme of the workshop is – Moving Beyond Past Conditioning.