Date: 22.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

Nationals Philanthropies and BetMGM Team Up for Record-Breaking Turkeypalooza

Washington Nationals Philanthropies, the charitable wing of the Washington Nationals, is set to host its largest Thanksgiving event yet. The “Turkeypalooza,” presented by BetMGM, will take place from November 20 to 22.

In its second year of partnership with BetMGM, this event is expanding its reach to assist more families than ever across four strategic locations.

Turkeypalooza: A Growing Tradition

Now in its sixth year, Turkeypalooza is renowned for not only distributing turkeys but also providing bags of additional food, including shelf-stable items and fresh produce.

The aim is to help families complete their Thanksgiving meals. This year, the distribution is set to deliver over 3,600 complete meals to communities where food access is a challenge, marking a significant increase in its outreach.

Beyond Meals: Addressing Winter Needs

In a compassionate addition to this year’s event, winter gear, including hats and gloves, will be distributed alongside meals. This thoughtful gesture aims to assist families as the weather turns colder.

Tal Alter, CEO of Washington Nationals Philanthropies, said “Nationals Philanthropies tackles food insecurity year-round by providing education and supporting improved access to healthy food in Washington, D.C. communities with the greatest need. Disparity in food access is a key driver of hunger in the region, and the strain on access is heightened during the holiday season. Thanks to our continued partnership with BetMGM, we can expand our Thanksgiving meal distribution to help thousands of residents celebrate the holiday with a full meal.”

Thoughtful Location Selection

The choice of distribution sites for Turkeypalooza is deliberate, focusing on community needs. Locations include the BetMGM Sportsbook at Nationals Park, Ferebee-Hope Recreation Center, and the Oakcrest Community Center. Each site offers walk-up and/or drive-through distribution, making access easier for families.

Adam Greenblatt, CEO of BetMGM, emphasizes their commitment to community investment, stating “BetMGM remains committed to investing in the communities where our employees and customers live and work. As the official sportsbook of the Washington Nationals, BetMGM partnered with Nationals Philanthropies last year to expand the foundation’s efforts and open Turkeypalooza to the larger public for the first time. We are proud to continue this important relationship to once again support families in need this holiday season.”

Nationals Philanthropies’ efforts extend beyond Turkeypalooza. They have actively combated food insecurity through various initiatives, including a year-round farmers market in Ward 7 and the NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund, which has helped distribute over a million meals.

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between Washington Nationals Philanthropies and BetMGM for Turkeypalooza is a heartwarming example of how sports organizations can positively impact their communities.

This initiative goes beyond the Thanksgiving holiday, addressing broader issues of food insecurity and seasonal challenges. By expanding its reach and inclusivity,

Turkeypalooza stands as a beacon of hope and generosity, setting an example for other organizations to follow in making meaningful contributions to their communities.