Date: 12.04.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

“New releases, such as Thundering Blaze, are set to enter the US market later this year”

In the interview with Michael Maokhamphiou, Studio Director at Lightning Box we discuss the latest additions to their gaming portfolio, the Thundering and EggLink series, set to revolutionize player experience with innovative mechanics and thrilling gameplay.

Some new games from the Thundering series and EggLink series are appearing in your games portfolio later this year. How can these mechanics elevate your offering to the next level?

The combination of Progressives and the perceived persistence modifier in our new Thundering portfolio offering has enhanced an already successful series of games, providing more entertainment and an added layer of excitement for players. New releases, such as Thundering Blaze, are set to enter the US market later this year and we are convinced that they will resonate with players across multiple states.

When it comes to EggLink, the Suck Eggs Bonus take centre stage as players continually chase the elusive Grand and Major jackpots on offer.

Overall, both series will undoubtedly propel Lightning Box’s status to new heights, and we are all looking forward to being part of the journey.

There are many different modifiers used in the EggLink games. How did the idea come about for these unique adaptations?

Initial inspiration was drawn from land-based gaming, where they are increasingly popular. The use of perceived persistence is gradually becoming more common, and we felt that this would be a strong addition to the EggLink portfolio. When thinking about the characterisation for EggLink, adding the chicken coop and the fox was a fun and wacky idea brought together by the team to provide comedic elements to a vibrant mechanic. With the first releases due in the summer, I am confident that players will immediately enjoy the dramatic gameplay associated with this latest franchise series.

The Thundering series has been expanded from the Lightning series of slots. Do you expect the Thundering mechanic to become even more popular than the Lightning version?

We believe it will. The Lightning portfolio has been a real success story for everyone at Lightning Box so reworking it comes with risks attached, but we are confident that evolving this with several key amendments can take it to the next level.

As mentioned, the Upgraded Respin offers double the fun and excitement with its dual reels in action, compared with the Lightning Respin. Adding Progressives was a natural evolution, with the aim of keeping players fully engaged in the quest for the ultimate Grand prize.

Although new mechanics continue to enter the space, do you still believe that there is a place for a more classic mechanic such as Hold and Win?

Definitely! Hold and Win games are not going anywhere. Some of the top-performing games globally still use Hold and Win and many providers still maintain that this mechanic ranks very highly amongst players across all markets.

Most suppliers are looking to evolve the Hold and Win mechanics whilst keeping the essence of it, so players still understand that it is a Hold and Win slot with a different take from the classic form. Several modifiers and features keep this mechanic fresh and unique, so it still resonates today.

Further down the line, are there other mechanics you are experimenting with?

I don’t want to divulge too much information but the Thundering and EggLink series are clearly next on our agenda, and we are excited to see how much success they can garner. All I will say is stay tuned to see what we’ll develop next!