by Mateusz Mazur

Nicholas Batram Leaves Entain to Embark on Freelance Consulting Venture

Nicholas Batram, who has played a pivotal role as Entain’s Group Head of M&A and Corporate Development, has announced his departure after an eight-year tenure.

Batram is set to embark on a new journey as a freelance consultant specializing in M&A, financial communications, strategy, and corporate finance.

Batram’s LinkedIn Announcement

In a statement on LinkedIn, Batram reflected on his fulfilling journey with Entain, acknowledging the transformative phase the group has undergone during his stay. He expressed gratitude for the experiences gained and the inspiration drawn from the industry’s challenges and the generosity of customers and colleagues.

Since January 2019, Batram has led Entain’s group M&A, overseeing 11 significant acquisitions. These include notable names such as BetCity in the Netherlands, Unikrn, Poland’s STS, and Croatia’s SuperSport through Entain CEE. His role has been integral to Entain’s aggressive expansion strategy.

Controversy and Criticism of M&A Strategy

However, Entain’s M&A strategy, under Batram’s leadership, has not been without controversy. Activist investor Eminence Capital criticized the approach of funding acquisitions with what they deemed undervalued share capital, sparking debates about the company’s strategic direction.

Batram’s departure follows closely on the heels of Jette Nygaard-Andersen’s sudden resignation as Entain’s CEO. The company had recently announced a shift in its M&A strategy towards a more measured pace, in response to criticism. Interim CEO Stella Davis is currently navigating the company through these changes, amidst speculation about potential takeover bids.

Our Comment On The Article

Nicholas Batram’s departure from Entain marks the end of an era of significant acquisitions and growth for the company. His decision to venture into freelance consulting highlights a growing trend among corporate leaders seeking new challenges and more flexible career paths. Batram’s tenure at Entain was marked by ambitious expansion but also drew scrutiny from investors, reflecting the complex balance companies must strike in their growth strategies.

Entain’s recent strategy shift and leadership changes suggest a period of transition and possibly reevaluation of its corporate goals. As the company adapts to these changes, it will be interesting to see how it recalibrates its approach to growth and responds to the dynamic demands of the iGaming and gambling industry. Batram’s move into consultancy could also signify a broader industry trend where experienced executives lend their expertise to multiple companies, potentially influencing the industry’s future landscape.

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