Date: 24.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

NorthStar Gaming Surges with Record Revenues and Expanding Market Reach

NorthStar Gaming, a leading name in the gaming industry, has reported an impressive end to 2023 with record-breaking financial figures.

NorthStar Gaming to Launch Nationwide Online Casino and Sportsbook in Canada

The Canadian gaming giant’s preliminary financial results for the year highlight a remarkable surge in revenue and wagers, underlining its growing dominance in the industry.

Q4 2023: A Quarter of Exceptional Performance

The fourth quarter of 2023 saw NorthStar Gaming achieving an unprecedented revenue of approximately $6.5 million, marking a substantial 103% increase from the previous year’s $3.2 million. This remarkable growth reflects the company’s successful strategies in player acquisition and market expansion. The Total Wagers at reached around $213.3 million, an impressive 90% rise from 2022’s figures.

The entire year of 2023 was a testament to NorthStar Gaming’s strategic prowess, with revenue soaring to about $19.5 million, a staggering 242% increase from 2022. This growth was mirrored in the Total Wagers, which escalated to approximately $648.8 million, marking a 251% rise from the previous year.

Operational Milestones and Innovations

NorthStar Gaming achieved several operational highlights in the fourth quarter. This includes the rebranding of to, and a successful private placement financing of approximately $10.3 million. The month of December 2023 stood out with record highs in wagers, new customer acquisitions, and deposits.

Michael Moskowitz, Chair and CEO of NorthStar, expressed optimism about the company’s growth trajectory and its focus on delivering unique and premium offerings tailored for the Canadian market. The company’s strategic direction is set to further enhance its position as a leader in sports media and sports wagering.

Looking ahead to 2024, NorthStar Gaming plans to introduce innovative features to its product suite, emphasizing its unique position in the Canadian market. The company’s focus on cost management and marketing optimization is expected to drive increased operating leverage throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

NorthStar Gaming’s financial success in 2023 sets a new benchmark in the gaming industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of its market strategies and innovative offerings. The company’s forward-looking approach and commitment to the Canadian market position it for continued growth and shareholder value creation in the upcoming years.