Date: 22.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:39

Oddschecker Expands Italian Presence with SuperScommesse Acquisition

Oddschecker, a leading player in the sports betting industry, has significantly enhanced its Italian market presence by acquiring the prominent sports betting affiliate brand SuperScommesse from Catena Media.

This move comes as Catena Media concluded its strategic review with the sale of its Italian assets, totaling €19.8 million, to two separate, undisclosed buyers, with Oddschecker Global Media emerging as one of them.

SuperScommesse Joins Oddschecker’s Italian Portfolio

SuperScommesse, known for its substantial user base and local market expertise, will now be part of Oddschecker’s expanding Italian portfolio.

This addition complements Oddschecker’s existing partnerships in the region, including collaborations with La Gazzetta dello Sport and sports broadcasting platform DAZN.

With more than 650,000 site visits in October 2023, as reported by SimilarWeb, SuperScommesse brings considerable digital traffic to the table.

Gaining Local Expertise and Technological Advantages

Oddschecker aims to utilize the “deep local expertise” of the SuperScommesse team, which has been instrumental in driving growth in Europe’s second-largest betting market.

The acquisition also promises network efficiencies through SuperScommesse’s technology stack and proprietary tools, offering potential benefits across other Oddschecker brands.

CEO Comments on the Acquisition

Stuart Simms, CEO of Oddschecker, expressed enthusiasm for this strategic addition, emphasizing the goal to strengthen their presence in the Italian market. He highlighted SuperScommesse as an ideal strategic complement, bringing together Oddschecker’s capabilities with the brand’s strong local presence and expertise. Simms also noted the significant growth potential in Italy as the market evolves towards an online, cashless identity.

In the Italian market, where gambling advertising faces strict regulations, affiliates like SuperScommesse play a crucial role. Oddschecker’s acquisition of SuperScommesse positions it to leverage this dynamic effectively.

Our Comment on the Article

Oddschecker’s acquisition of SuperScommesse is a strategic maneuver that strengthens its foothold in the Italian sports betting market.

This move not only enhances Oddschecker’s market reach but also consolidates its expertise and technological assets. In a market characterized by strict advertising regulations and a significant black market presence, this acquisition positions Oddschecker to capitalize on the evolving digital trends and the growing preference for online, cashless betting options.

This development highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and acquisitions in navigating and thriving in complex, regulated markets.