Date: 17.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

OpenBet Rolls Out the Partnership with Veikkaus

OpenBet, a prominent player in sports betting content, platform, and service provision, has announced a significant long-term partnership with Veikkaus, Finland’s government-owned betting operator.

This collaboration is set against the backdrop of Finland’s evolving sports betting landscape, with the country moving towards a more inclusive system that opens doors for private entities in sports betting and iGaming.

The Four-Year Agreement

This four-year agreement positions OpenBet’s technology at the core of Veikkaus’s sportsbook platform, expanding both online and retail betting operations.

A key aspect of this strategic move is OpenBet’s provision of Managed Trading Services to Veikkaus, a testament to their market-leading solutions.

Leaders’ Perspectives

Nikos Konstakis, Chief Product Officer at OpenBet, emphasized their role as pioneers in regulated markets, stating “Our partnership with Veikkaus demonstrates our ambition as pioneers in regulating markets. By integrating our innovative technology and tailored solutions, we are not just entering Finland, we’re transforming its sports betting landscape. It’s a monumental chapter for OpenBet and we look forward to setting an unparalleled benchmark with Veikkaus.

“This reaffirms our position as an undisputed leader in the WLA space, with 18 global partners, and highlights our expertise in the lottery sector and commitment to responsible gaming and driving success for operators through localised strategies.”

Juha-Matti Mäkilä, Vice President of Betting Operations at Veikkaus, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating “We’re thrilled to partner with OpenBet in this venture. By utilising their deep-rooted expertise and top-tier technology solutions, we will redefine the user experience and elevate our sports betting offering.

“OpenBet’s advanced technology suite and a history of scaling operations in dynamic markets make them the ideal partner for us. We foresee that this partnership will make us strong and competitive in the evolving Finnish market today and for the future.”

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between OpenBet and Veikkaus is a pivotal development in the Finnish sports betting industry. This partnership signifies a shift towards a more competitive and dynamic market, leveraging OpenBet’s advanced technology and expertise.

As Finland opens up its sports betting sector to private companies, this alliance could set a precedent for how sports betting and iGaming could evolve in the region. The focus on enhancing user experience and employing localized strategies demonstrates a commitment to not only adapting to market changes but also leading them.

This partnership may well redefine the Finnish sports betting landscape, setting new standards in user engagement and technological innovation.