Date: 16.11.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

“Our organisation’s strength lies in its diversity”

He worked at Paddy Power Betfair, Sky, and TalkTalk. He is currently Global CTIO at Kwiff. We talk to Nick Maroudas about his extensive experience in the industry, Kwiff’s activities and goals for the near future.

Can you tell us about your journey in the technology industry, from your early roles to your current position as Global CTIO at kwiff?

I am someone who has had a constant love affair with technology, beginning from learning how to code at the age of 12 until now. I have always liked to push the boundaries of technologies but knowing the basic building blocks of software and hardware and the connection between them is what really set me up to do this. I was able to pull a machine apart and put it back together, improve it and move on.

I was able to create software or improve on others’ software by wanting to try new things, new platforms or languages. There would be no boundary. Even before mobile coding was an actual industry, I was creating user experiences on the Nokia phones using the Symbian OS and using the Palm OS to create user interfaces and new user experiences using the palm pilot and GSM networks. I have worked extensively in the data space, knowing that data was the black gold everyone would one day find and find invaluable.

Progressing my way through various industries, disciplines within technology and leadership roles was all setting up a move to become CTIO at kwiff, where I found like minded people who constantly strive to push the boundaries and like to try new things. As a team we are creating products and features which are unrivalled in our industry. Every day at work feels like my first day.

You have experience in various industries. How has your diverse background influenced your approach to technology leadership?

Having led technology-focused teams across various industries for a significant duration has certainly positively shaped my leadership style. Drawing on my experience and having learnt from some great leaders in the past and working with some great leaders currently, I am able to firmly and confidently work with my team in creating a culture where work is rewarding and fun and the environment it creates is accepting and relaxed.

Could you share some insights into your leadership style and strategies for managing diverse teams effectively?

Our organisation’s strength lies in its diversity. A diverse and inclusive team cultivates an atmosphere where every voice matters, boundaries are respected, and collaborative efforts connect the team. My commitment to inclusivity and actively considering and implementing team feedback helps foster this positive environment. No idea regardless of culture, environment or aimed at the product is discounted, they are all explored.

You’ve worked in both the public and private sectors, including roles at Paddy Power Betfair, Sky, and TalkTalk. How does the approach to technology and innovation differ between these sectors, and what lessons have you carried with you from one sector to another?

In each and every role I’ve undertaken, irrespective of the organisation or sector, there’s always been a drive to explore and innovate. The KEY difference between them is the ability and willingness to do it and how fast they are able to make those innovations or exploration outcomes a reality. The key lessons from this is that you should always be prepared to fail and how far you fall or fail is determined by how you pick yourself up or the organisation up and go again. Do it in small bite size chunks, learning as you go. You will have success one small victory at a time.

What sets kwiff’s product apart from competitors in the market?

kwiff’s unique position in the market originates from our relentless efforts to innovate and push boundaries. We were the pioneers in introducing the “boost” feature that is seamlessly integrated into our product, allowing any bet to be ‘kwiffed’ in a genuinely random nature, without needing manual activation. This exciting feature is not limited to placing bets; it extends to our cashout system, enabling bets to be ‘kwiffed’ even during cashout, enhancing the thrill for our users.

Our primary focus is to ensure the excitement and anticipation associated with live betting is felt within the kwiff product, replicating the buzz one experiences at a race track or a casino table. With a philosophy embedded in surprise, delight, and simplicity, our product delivers an engaging UI and a user-friendly UX, ensuring customers have a straightforward and enjoyable betting experience.

Importantly, these foundational principles not only benefit our customers but also resonate within our organisational culture. The tools we develop for our employees are created with the same core principles in mind, promoting efficiency and a positive work environment.

What are your focus areas and key priorities for the remainder of 2023 at kwiff?

Our immediate target is to sign off from 2023 on a strong note, building on the successes we’ve achieved over the past year. We remain committed to cultivating customer trust through personalised user experiences. This commitment goes beyond offering players a thrilling and secure betting environment but also ensuring they receive their winnings promptly.

Our tech team is fully committed to advancing our product delivery roadmap, guaranteeing a seamless experience for customers at every touchpoint. We take pride in our proprietary platform’s modularity, flexibility, and robustness, as it allows us complete control over the experiences we design for our players.