Date: 04.03.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

“Our revenue share models will be hard to beat”

As the Chief Executive Officer of La Royale Gaming Investments, Dee Maher brings a fresh perspective to the dynamic world of iGaming. With a rich background in legal and compliance leadership, she is uniquely positioned to navigate the complex regulatory environment and drive strategic growth. In this interview, Maher shares her vision for the company and her approach to blending legal rigor with innovative gaming solutions.

As the newly appointed CEO of La Royale Gaming Investments, how do you plan to leverage your extensive experience in legal and compliance leadership to guide the strategic direction of the company?

My extensive experience in legal and compliance leadership positions me well to contribute to the success of La Royale Gaming Investments. I plan to leverage this background by implementing a comprehensive strategy that aligns with industry regulations, ethical standards, and the long-term vision of our organization.

One of my primary focuses will be to ensure that our operations adhere to all relevant regulatory requirements. This includes staying updated on the evolving legal landscape of the gaming industry and implementing policies that mitigate regulatory risks.

When it comes to leadership, upholding the highest ethical standards is non-negotiable.Working closely with our legal and compliance teams I plan to embed a culture of integrity throughout the organization. This commitment extends to our interactions with partners, stakeholders, and the gaming community at large.

However, myrole extends beyond compliance; it encompasses guiding the strategic direction of La Royale Gaming Investments. By integrating legal and compliance considerations into our strategic decision-making processes, we can navigate challenges effectively and capitalize on opportunities with confidence.

With La Royale Gaming Investments’ entry into game aggregation through Quanta, what is your vision for the company’s growth in the igaming industry, and how do you plan to balance economic gains with effective risk management?

Quanta’s vision in this dynamic sector involves several key strategies aimed at maximizing economic gains while maintaining effective risk management. We plan to leverage Quanta to continually expand its content portfolio to offer a wide range of high-quality games from various developers.

We believe in forming strategic partnerships with game developers to ensure a steady stream of innovative and engaging content for the platform. The key to engagement is tailoring the content offerings on our platform to meet the preferences and cultural nuances of different target markets, ensuring a personalized gaming experience for players.

We strongly believe that staying abreast of emerging trends is paramount, offerings such as virtual and augmented reality can provide users with unique gaming experiences, we are focused on adapting our platform for future market demands, our continuous investment in technology will ensure we meet those needs.

Could you elaborate on how Quanta aims to transform game aggregation in the iGaming industry and what makes it stand out in the market in terms of content diversity and cost-effectiveness for operators?

Transforming game aggregation requires a strategic approach that addresses both content diversity and cost-effectiveness for operators. Quanta will stand out in the market by offering a diverse game selection, including the best slots, table games, live dealer games, and virtual sports. We will curate content from various reputable and innovative game developers to ensure diversity in themes, styles, and gameplay mechanics. In parallel we continously seek out the best games developers to create exclusive games or features that can only be found on our platform, giving operators a unique selling point.

What makes the best game content platform? Staying apace with advancements in technology. Our technical team are experts at integrations and we have built a robust and flexible integration system that allows for easy onboarding of new games and updates. This ensures that operators can quickly and efficiently integrate the latest content without disrupting their operations.

Our revenue share models will be hard to beat. We offer our partners flexible and transparent revenue share models, ensuring that the cost of maintaining games is justified by the revenue generated.

Another factor that we are passionate about is how we support our partners to help them maximize the potential of the platform. This ensures that they can effectively manage and promote the games available through the aggregation platform. By providing responsive customer support to address any technical issues or inquiries from operators promptly is key to our success.

Overall by combining these elements, our game aggregation platform will differentiate itself in the iGaming market by offering a compelling mix of content diversity and cost-effectiveness for all our operators.

What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities in the iGaming industry today, and how does La Royale Gaming Investments plan to address these in its future endeavors?

We all know how dynamic this industry is and we have seen and experienced many developments over the years. Some of the biggest challenges have been in regulatory compliance. Adhering to diverse and evolving regulations in different regions is costly and time consuming. Different regions may have varying laws, licensing procedures, and taxation structures, hence each new regulatory regime comes with its unique challenges. With a robust compliance team, and our investment in legal and technical expertise we are well capable of adapting to and adhering to new regimes.

Another challenge is in the area of cybersecurity. Any online industry of a financial nature is a prime target for cyberattacks, and the igaming industry is constantly being targeted. We have met these challenges by investing in advanced cybersecurity measures, encryption technologies, and regular audits to ensure data protection.

Data, data, Data; In LRGI we know how essential it is to understand data and there’s so much data out there. By leveraging this data and maxamising AI and machine learning we will keep up with and constantly refresh our knowledge and understanding of players’ behavior, preferences, and therefore improve overall the users’ experience. Our thirst for data includes staying informed about industry developments, technological advancements, and regulatory changes to effectively address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

How do you navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the iGaming industry to ensure compliance and successful market entry in different jurisdictions?

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the iGaming industry requires a thorough understanding of the specific regulations and legal requirements in each jurisdiction where we and our partners operate. We meet these challenges head-on by employing or consulting with legal experts with expertise in iGaming regulations in targeted jurisdictions.

Keeping a close watch on the markets is essential. We carry out extensive market research to understand the regulatory requirements and nuances in each jurisdiction. Where licenses and permits are required to operate legally our approach includes a full review of market entry and ongoing complaince management thereafter.

The basis of meeting the challenges of adherence to local laws and regulations is having a solid, company wide attitude towards compliance. With our compliance mindset, we can adapt quickly to regulaory reforms. We have procesess and tools in place that ensures we prevent underage gambling, money laundering (AML), and we maintain good responsible gaming practices, along with data protection.

In your view, how will technological advancements and innovations shape the future of the iGaming industry, and how is La Royale Gaming Investments positioning itself in this evolving landscape?

Our raison d’etre in LRGI is to invest in, and support technological advancements and innovations in igaming. As we see it, there are several key trends and developments that will potentially have a big impact on the future of this industry. Some of the key trends we see emerging is in the virtual and augmented reality realms. Not only does VR and AR enhance the immersive gaming experience, they are bringing a whole new level of realism to online casinos and sports betting platforms. 5G Technologies, blockchain, AI and machine learning and applications to track compliance and RG are fast emerging as key resources for igaming industries.

We are looking to position ourselves at the forefront of igaming. We intend to help shape the future of this industy by focusing on companies that demonstrate adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to user satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We will seek out diversification of products and services within the iGaming industry and hope to capitalize on emerging opportunities for a sustainable future.