by Mateusz Mazur

Paddy Power’s Big 180 Campaign Donates £1m to Prostate Cancer UK

Flutter’s Paddy Power, in a landmark charity partnership with the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), has made a significant contribution of £1 million to Prostate Cancer UK.

This initiative, known as the Big 180 campaign, was a key feature of the World Darts Championship at Ally Pally, marking the biggest charity partnership in the history of the sport.

A Record-Breaking Donation

During the championship, Paddy Power pledged to donate £1,000 for every 180 scored. The tournament witnessed a record 914 180s, leading to an impressive £914,000. Generously, Paddy Power rounded this up to a total donation of £1 million.

The new Ballon d’Art trophy, celebrating the player who hit the most 180s, was awarded to the tournament’s winner, Luke Humphries, acknowledging his significant contribution to the fundraising effort.

Raising Awareness and Saving Lives

The Big 180 campaign’s primary goal was to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer and encourage men to use Prostate Cancer UK’s 30-second online risk checker. The campaign saw an overwhelming response, with over 125,300 men checking their risk, a fivefold increase from the previous year.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak lauded the campaign for its life-saving impact and awareness initiatives. “This year’s World Darts Championship transfixed the nation but the epic finale between the two Lukes wasn’t the only positive result to have emerged from the Ally Pally. Paddy Power’s Big 180 campaign has now chalked up an impressive £1m for Prostate Cancer UK and has helped to save lives by raising awareness of the need to get checked out.

“I am proud to support the campaign which will help researchers develop better treatments and tests to detect the UK’s most common male cancer earlier. It will build on the significant £16m investment the government has announced in November to support Prostate Cancer UK’s £42m ‘Transform’ trial, which aims to save thousands of men each year by finding the best way to screen for Prostate Cancer.”

Laura Kerby, CEO at Prostate Cancer UK, expressed immense gratitude for the campaign’s success in fundraising and awareness. “With £1m raised and incredible and extensive awareness too, we’re thrilled at the success of the Big 180 campaign and are hugely grateful to Paddy Power, the PDC and the players for their brilliant efforts bringing it to life. 1 in 8 men will be affected by this disease, and that’s one statistic that brings home why this campaign was so important.”

Paddy Power’s spokesperson, Rachael Kane, highlighted the success and significance of the campaign in the context of their championship sponsorship. “We knew we had hit the bullseye in our sponsorship of this year’s first ever Paddy Power World Darts Championship. The stars aligned to make it the biggest and most exciting yet. But knowing that our Big 180 campaign has had this level of impact puts it all into context.”

Paddy Power’s efforts align with Flutter’s global sustainability strategy, the Positive Impact Plan, particularly the ‘Do More’ pillar. This strategy focuses on giving back to communities and aims to improve 10 million lives by 2030.

Our Comment on the Article

Paddy Power’s Big 180 campaign is a stellar example of how sports partnerships can transcend entertainment to make a tangible, positive impact on society. The initiative not only raised a substantial amount for Prostate Cancer UK but also significantly heightened awareness about the disease.

The campaign’s success is a testament to the power of combining sports, corporate social responsibility, and community engagement to address critical health issues. As more companies like Paddy Power take up the mantle of social responsibility, the synergy between the iGaming industry and charitable causes becomes increasingly evident, paving the way for more such impactful initiatives in the future.

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