Date: 12.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

PandaScore and 3ET Forge Esports Betting Alliance

PandaScore, a frontrunner in esports betting solutions, has recently inked a partnership with Eurasia Sports Limited, the entity behind the betting platform 3ET.

This collaboration signifies 3ET’s inaugural venture into the esports betting realm, leveraging PandaScore’s acclaimed Odds feed for three major esports titles: CS, Dota2, and LoL.

Expanding Horizons in Esports Betting

3ET, traditionally known for its prowess in football and US sports betting, is now embracing the burgeoning esports sector, bolstered by PandaScore’s advanced Odds feed. This feed is supported by sophisticated models and a dedicated team of esports traders, ensuring a comprehensive betting experience.

The esports betting industry continues to flourish, with PandaScore reaching a remarkable milestone of €1 billion in esports bet volume. The partnership between PandaScore and 3ET is poised to tap into this expanding market, offering a diverse range of betting options and competitive odds.

Expert Insights

Dasha Kirilishina from PandaScore expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity for 3ET to engage with esports fans and bettors. “Our Odds feed allows operators such as 3ET to offer the widest selection of markets and the best odds while ensuring esports betting delivers the returns they need,” Kirilishina remarked.

Robert Cruickshank of 3ET shared the optimism for their venture into esports betting, citing the potential for growth and the commitment to providing an exceptional betting experience. “We see tremendous potential for 3ET in the esports betting space and with PandaScore providing our odds, we are confident we can deliver the experience that esports bettors are seeking,” Cruickshank stated.

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic alliance between PandaScore and 3ET marks a significant milestone in the evolution of esports betting. By combining PandaScore’s technological prowess with 3ET’s established market presence, this partnership is set to enrich the esports betting landscape, offering fans and bettors an enhanced and diversified betting experience.

As the industry continues to evolve, collaborations like these are pivotal in driving innovation and engagement within the esports community.