by Antoni Majewski

PENN Entertainment Secures Key Partnership in North Carolina’s Budding iGaming Market

In a significant move for the online sports wagering sector, PENN Entertainment, Inc. (“PENN”) has announced a pivotal partnership with Quail Hollow Club and the Wells Fargo Championship.

This development comes as North Carolina gears up for the launch of its regulated online sports betting market. PENN’s subsidiary, PENN Sports Interactive, LLC, is at the forefront of this strategic alliance.

The agreement grants PENN market access for its online sports wagering platform, ESPN BET, in North Carolina, contingent upon receiving the necessary regulatory approvals. This marks a substantial step for PENN in expanding its footprint in the emerging online sports betting landscape in the U.S.

Exclusive Betting Operator of the Wells Fargo Championship

In an exclusive arrangement, ESPN BET is set to become the official betting operator for the Wells Fargo Championship, a prominent PGA TOUR Signature Event hosted at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. This role provides ESPN BET with unique marketing integrations, enhancing its visibility and engagement capabilities with golf enthusiasts during the tournament.

Benjie Levy, Head of Penn Interactive, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunities for fan engagement and the significance of introducing ESPN BET to the North Carolina market. “We are thrilled to partner with Quail Hollow Club and the Wells Fargo Championship as we prepare to bring our new online sports betting brand, ESPN BET, to North Carolina,” Levy said. He also emphasized the excitement surrounding the sponsorship of the Wells Fargo Championship.

Johnny Harris, President of Quail Hollow Club, welcomed the launch of regulated online sports wagering in North Carolina. He praised PENN Entertainment’s robust online sports betting brand, ESPN BET, and acknowledged their technological prowess and operational expertise as key factors in forging this long-term partnership.

Our Comment on the Article

This partnership between PENN Entertainment and Quail Hollow Club is a strategic masterstroke in the evolving landscape of iGaming and online sports betting. By aligning with a high-profile event like the Wells Fargo Championship, PENN not only gains market access but also positions itself advantageously in terms of brand visibility and consumer engagement.

This move underscores the growing importance of strategic partnerships in the iGaming industry, where market access and brand association play pivotal roles in establishing a foothold. With North Carolina on the cusp of launching regulated online sports wagering, PENN’s entry through ESPN BET could set a precedent for how operators can effectively integrate into new markets.

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