Date: 15.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Playson’s Vsevolod Lapin: “Turbo Spin is reaping unprecedented rewards for operators”

Award-winning iGaming content provider Playson has a long-standing reputation for its player-centric approach, using a deep understanding of psychology to develop games and features that boost engagement.

Inspired by a new demographic of players looking for quicker wins with less time commitment, Playson’s Hold for Spins feature, including the Turbo Spin and Quick Spin settings, is delivering exceptional results for operators. Vsevolod Lapin, COO at Playson, looks at how Turbo Spin is unlocking new earning potential while simultaneously giving players a higher sense of control.

What triggered the development of the Hold for Spins feature, including Quick Spin and Turbo Spin? How can operators integrate this into their offering?

Anyone who has followed Playson’s growth over the past few years will know we are deeply interested in player psychology and our findings are at the heart of our game and feature development. The Hold for Spins function, appeals to a psychological shift we have observed. It is undeniable that we have entered a new era of gaming in which players seek quicker wins in a shorter period of time. While players can observe the instant wins by holding the Hold for Spins button on these games, they can also feel secure in the knowledge that as soon as they release the button, the spins will end.

Operators in any of the 11 global markets where Hold for Spins and Turbo Spin can be utilised can do so by integrating our more recent games on their platforms. Sixteen slots, including Fire Temple: Hold and Win, Energy Coins: Hold and Win and 3 Pots Riches: Hold and Win, currently provide the Hold for Spins and Turbo Spin features. As our portfolio increases, more games will be available with this new feature.

Playson’s Hold for Spins feature has already succeeded in building player trust and appealing to the ‘Netflix generation of players’, which is undeniably a huge win for operators that have integrated your portfolio with their platform. Can you share more about your data findings in regards to Turbo Spin?

Our Turbo Spin mode has delivered results that we could only imagine for our operator partners across key markets, including Switzerland. From the data collected across 11 billion gaming sessions, we know it accounts for 10.3% of all bets, despite only being live across 16 games so far. This indicates that our players are more attracted to and feel more in control when playing Turbo Spin games, which ultimately sees them increase the number of bets they are placing, in a safer environment. We have seen the average bet is typically 7% higher for players engaging with Turbo Spin, which is a boost for operators.

In addition to these impressive findings, we have seen that 10% of bets from European markets come from the Turbo Spin mode, whereas 5% come from the Hold for Spins function. This again indicates that players want faster rewards and enjoy feeling more in control, encouraging them to place more frequent bets. We believe these are strong results, taking into account the number of players, sessions, average bet and long-term habits, which is a similar pattern to land-based play.

How will Turbo Spin evolve and grow in the future?

We launched Turbo Spin in September, empowering players to enjoy faster gameplay with a heightened sense of control. In just three months, we have seen hugely positive results, yet only 16,94% of our players are currently using this mode. As a significant user experience enhancement, we knew some players would much prefer to skip the animations and go straight to the reward, so this feature really embraces the essence of rapid RNG server reactions.

Looking ahead, there is plenty of opportunity for Turbo Spin and Quick Spin to continue growing. New releases will include this feature for regions in which the tool is allowed, with operators able to integrate games which are highly lucrative, adapting to market shifts and continuing to stay relevant and appealing for players across the world.