by Mateusz Mazur

PointsBet and Strive Gaming Forge Innovative Collaboration in Canadian iGaming Market

PointsBet, renowned for its innovation in live sports betting and advanced technology, has announced an exciting, long-term partnership with Strive Gaming.

This collaboration, set to launch in early 2024, is geared towards revolutionizing the Canadian iGaming landscape.

Elevating Online Casino Experience in Canada

The strategic alliance between PointsBet and Strive Gaming aims to enhance PointsBet’s growth in the competitive Canadian iGaming sector.

Leveraging Strive Gaming’s cutting-edge technology platform, this partnership is expected to significantly strengthen PointsBet’s internal capabilities and contribute to the creation of a world-class online casino experience for its users.

Through this collaboration, PointsBet will expand its casino offerings by integrating a variety of content providers into its platform. This integration includes a comprehensive library of games, encompassing popular North American retail-based options as well as established digital content from mature European markets.

Strive Gaming’s Infinity Engine will introduce sophisticated personalization features, allowing PointsBet to offer tailored experiences to its users across thousands of game titles.

Customized Player Engagement and Enhanced User Experience

PointsBet will utilize Strive Gaming’s technology to curate personalized casino experiences, providing real-time, contextualized engagement for different audience segments. This approach is expected to enhance user interaction and satisfaction significantly.

Scott Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada, commented on the partnership: “With Strive Gaming, we are set to elevate the online casino experience in Ontario. Our focus remains on delivering advanced retention mechanics, a diverse game selection, and an enhanced user experience, all while adhering to regulatory and responsible gaming standards.”

Max Meltzer, CEO of Strive Gaming, also expressed excitement about the partnership: “Our collaboration with PointsBet, a technology-focused operator, is a testament to our platform’s quality. We’re eager to contribute to creating a superior online casino experience for PointsBet’s users.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between PointsBet and Strive Gaming is a significant development in the Canadian iGaming industry. It represents a strategic move towards technological innovation and enhanced user engagement in the online casino space.

By blending PointsBet’s market presence with Strive Gaming’s technological prowess, this collaboration is poised to set new industry standards and redefine user experience in online gaming.

This initiative also highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in driving growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving iGaming sector.

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