Date: 20.12.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

PointsBet Holdings Announces CFO Transition with Andrew Mellor’s Departure

PointsBet Holdings has made a significant announcement regarding its executive team, with Chief Financial Officer Andrew Mellor set to transition out of his role. Alister Lui is slated to take over the position following the company’s half-year results in February 2024.


Andrew Mellor’s Impactful Tenure

Andrew Mellor has served as the CFO of PointsBet for five years, playing a pivotal role in the company’s growth and strategic development.

His contributions have been particularly influential in transforming the finance and investor relations functions, as PointsBet evolved from a small-cap start-up to a global enterprise operating in 16 jurisdictions.

PointsBet has initiated a well-structured transition plan following discussions about Mellor’s future ambitions. Mellor will continue with the company until February 29, focusing on a comprehensive handover of responsibilities to Lui.

This transition period will be crucial, especially in the lead-up to the completion of the sale of PointsBet’s US business to Fanatics Betting and Gaming.

Chairman’s Acknowledgment of Mellor’s Contributions

PointsBet Chairman Brett Paton commended Mellor’s transformative contributions: “Andrew’s tenure at PointsBet has been marked by his remarkable efforts in building a world-class finance function. His leadership helped expand our team from a small group in Australia to a high-performing, multi-regional operation.”

Our Comment on the Article

The transition of the CFO role at PointsBet Holdings marks a significant change in the company’s executive leadership. Andrew Mellor’s impactful tenure and the careful planning for his departure underscore the importance of strategic leadership in the evolving iGaming industry.

This transition not only speaks to the individual achievements of Mellor but also reflects the dynamic nature of corporate leadership in a fast-paced industry like iGaming. With Alister Lui set to take the helm, PointsBet demonstrates its commitment to continued growth and adaptation in a competitive global market. The company’s approach to this transition reinforces the importance of strong leadership in driving success in the iGaming sector.