by Bartosz Burzyński

“Atlas World Sports is built to deliver valuable content to bettors in real time”

The founder and CEO of Atlas World Sports, Robert Kraft, talks to us about creating his own project based on artificial intelligence. He also says that he predicted many years ago what the current world of technology would look like. We invite you to read the interview.

Robert Kraft

With your background in direct marketing and investment advisory, what inspired your pivot into the tech sectors of marketing and sports betting?

With my background in direct marketing and investment advisory, it was a natural pivot into the tech sectors of marketing and sports betting as I was always on the tech side of direct marketing. In fact, I remember being laughed at in a presentation in 2007 to a Fortune 500 retailer when I said we are only 5 -10 years from shoppers using their phones to authorize transactions. I was essentially pitching mobile marketing for the in-store experience because Amazon is coming. That is when the laughter at me erupted. Do you know who we are? Amazon is not EVEN profitable. I said they will be, and it is all because of their tech. That company has since been crushed by Amazon and their stock has followed suit.

By merging my expertise in direct marketing with this incredible sports betting sector, we will capitalize on the dynamic nature of sports betting while utilizing advanced tech solutions to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth. Additionally, the sports betting industry’s rapid growth presents an exciting intersection between technology and entertainment. The future in our sector is so exciting regardless of any economic headwinds.

Could you elaborate on the vision behind Atlas World Sports and how it aims to revolutionize the sports betting experience?

Atlas World Sports is a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize the sports betting experience by providing an innovative and inclusive approach. The vision behind Atlas World Sports is to create a global community of sports enthusiasts who can connect, engage, and bet on their favorite sports in an immersive and secure environment.

Atlas World Sports aims to break down barriers by offering a user-friendly interface, soon-to-be multiple language options, and a wide range of global sports and sportsbook partnerships. Atlas World Sports strives to enhance the overall experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology. This includes features such as live streaming of matches, real-time odds updates, and interactive forums where users can discuss strategies and predictions.

By combining advanced technology with a user-centric approach for hyper-personalization, Atlas World Sports creates an unparalleled betting experience that keeps users engaged and entertained.

What were the main challenges you faced when launching your affiliate business in the United States, especially in the context of the competitive landscape post-PASPA ruling?

Launching an affiliate business in the United States presented several challenges, especially in the post-PASPA ruling competitive landscape. Firstly, gaining a foothold in the market was tough due to intense competition from European-based established players. Secondly, understanding and adhering to complex state-specific regulations concerning online gambling was a hurdle that required careful navigation. Additionally, building trust and establishing partnerships with reputable online casinos proved challenging as they were cautious about affiliating with new entrants.

Lastly, keeping up with rapidly evolving technology and consumer preferences demanded constant adaptation to stay relevant in this dynamic industry. Despite these obstacles, perseverance and strategic planning helped overcome these challenges and establish a successful affiliate business in the US market. 2024 will be a banner year as we move to our Series A Funding Round in which the size and strategy will make a statement for certain.

How does Atlas World Sports differentiate itself in terms of content creation and delivery to assist bettors in making informed choices?

Atlas World Sports differentiates itself in the realm of content creation and delivery by providing bettors with comprehensive and insightful information to make informed choices. Through their innovative approach, they curate a wide range of sports content, including expert analysis, statistical data, and historical trends. By leveraging their extensive network of industry professionals and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Atlas World Sports is built to deliver valuable content to bettors in real time.

Our commitment to the excellence of data and the User Experience empowers users to have a fun experience each and every time especially with highly educated decisions when placing bets which ultimately enhances their chances of success in the dynamic world of sports betting. If Atlas World Sports can get our users to a 56%-win rate from our algorithm and sharps access, that is Great for all our users! EVERYONE loves to win money, right?!

How do you balance embracing regional cultural differences with maintaining the core brand identity of Atlas World Sports, especially in diverse markets like Latin America?

Maintaining a strong core brand identity while embracing regional cultural differences is crucial for Atlas World Sports, especially in diverse markets like Latin America. To strike the right balance, it is essential to understand and respect the cultural nuances of each market. This can be achieved by conducting thorough research and engaging with local communities and celebrities/influencers. By incorporating elements of Latin American culture into marketing campaigns and product offerings, Atlas World Sports will demonstrate our commitment to the region while staying true to our core values.

This approach helps build trust and loyalty among consumers, fostering a strong brand presence that resonates across different cultures. Once again, we will be helping more people win which is why we love the Hashtag #BetBetter!

What factors make Latin American markets appealing for Atlas World Sports, and how do you plan to cater to the unique sports cultures of countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia?

Latin American markets are highly appealing for Atlas World Sports due to several factors. Firstly, the region’s passion for sports is unmatched, with soccer being a major cultural force. Additionally, the growing middle class and increasing disposable income create a lucrative market for sports products and services. To cater to the unique sports cultures of countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, we plan to tailor our offerings accordingly.

This includes partnering with local sports teams and athletes, organizing grassroots development programs, and creating localized marketing campaigns that resonate with the specific preferences and traditions of each country. By understanding and embracing these unique sports cultures, we aim to establish a strong presence in Latin America.

Above all, will be the Atlas World Sports commitment to be a part of each community that uniquely fits each culture. We are here to stay.

In what ways does Atlas World Sports utilize data analytics and AI to enhance the betting experience and predict game outcomes?

Atlas World Sports utilizes data analytics and AI/ML to enhance the betting experience and predict game outcomes in several ways. Firstly, they collect vast amounts of historical data on teams, players, and various performance metrics. This data is then analyzed using advanced algorithms to identify patterns and trends. By leveraging AI techniques, Atlas World Sports can make accurate predictions on game outcomes based on these insights and simulating each outcome 10,000 times.

As a user, you are going to be happy to pay ONLY $5/month to get that kind of insight across all sports.

Additionally, we use real-time data feeds during games to update their predictions dynamically. This means if a player is looking for in-game bets, we will be your perfect partner as well.

The future is so bright in our space as sports betting will converge with Major Fortune 500 brands due to our data and demographics. The more you win, the more you come back to Atlas World Sports to #BetBetter.

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