by Mateusz Mazur

Saudi Cup 2024: A Global Racing Spectacle

Since its debut in 2020, the Saudi Cup has swiftly become one of the most anticipated events in the horse racing calendar. Managed by Sports Information Services (SIS), the event’s global broadcast has enabled operators worldwide to share the excitement with racing enthusiasts.

The upcoming edition on February 24th promises an unparalleled assembly of equine talent, with leading contenders from twelve nations.

International Contenders and Betting Pools

The $20 million prize pool has attracted a formidable lineup, with the United States and Japan presenting strong contingents. Notable entries include the 2023 Breeders’ Cup Classic victor, White Abarrio, and the Breeders’ Cup runner-up, Derma Sotogata from Japan. Middle Eastern representatives add to the diverse field, heightening the competition’s international appeal.

This year’s event will see expanded pari-mutuel betting options through the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s World Pools, encompassing races 3-9. An array of international operators will participate, enhancing the betting landscape. Additionally, the Japan Racing Association and other national bodies will host dedicated wagering pools, catering to their local markets.

Fixed-Odds Wagering Innovations

A significant development for 2024 is the introduction of fixed-odds betting in over 60 countries, including early prices and derivatives. This expansion into fixed odds, particularly in Colorado via bet365, marks a new chapter for the Saudi Cup, broadening its wagering appeal.

SIS, representing content from more than 150 racetracks globally, has played a pivotal role in the Saudi Cup’s success.

Michele Fischer, Vice President, SIS Content Services, said: “Through our five-year relationship with the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia, we have seen tremendous growth on Saudi Cup day as well as interest in their domestic racing.

“As the richest horse race in the world, the Saudi Cup attracts the top horses from all over the globe. We expect this year to surpass all others.”

Our Perspective on the Saudi Cup

The Saudi Cup continues to cement its position as a highlight in the global racing calendar, attracting top talent and expanding betting opportunities. SIS’s involvement ensures a broad reach, offering a thrilling experience for racing fans and bettors alike.

As the event grows, it not only showcases the best in racing but also fosters international collaboration and innovation in the betting industry.

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