Date: 08.08.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

SB Betting sets trends – impressive technological development of the company

SB Betting, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the iGaming industry, can boast a really rapid development of its technology in recent years. Through continuous investment in research and development, SB Betting has strengthened its position in the market by providing clients with unique products and solutions. What turned out to be the key to success? We examine the key innovations which SB Betting introduced to its offer.

Development of the casino platform

Several years of expansion into new markets and the need to adapt their solutions to the needs of new jurisdictions made work on security and technology solutions extremely dynamic.

Throughout its 12 years on the market, SB Betting has constantly worked to develop its offerings so as to make its presence known and to intensify its expansion into new regions. As a result, the company today boasts a truly impressive portfolio of innovative technological solutions.

The presence of the supplier on the Georgian market and cooperation with Crocobet, which at some point in its activity changed its character slightly, caused SB Betting started to work on an innovative casino platform.

The task was demanding, as the supplier was aware that the platform would be forced to handle almost 4 million casino transactions per hour right now, and the number is expected to increase in the near future.

An essential element was also the support of many promotions offered by the online casino. There have often been situations where even 40 different promotional campaigns were active at the same time.

All these factors led SB Betting to conclude that one of the priorities in the development of the company should be a thorough redesign of the casino platform.

Work on it continued in the 2018-2020s and despite numerous difficulties that arose along the way, they managed to develop a solution that could compete with the technology of the most reputable casino software suppliers.

SB Betting sets trends in the sports betting market

SB Betting also boasts impressive technology in sports betting. In this case, work on new solutions was also driven by the needs that appeared in the markets in which the company was present.

Among the few standout solutions that have been in the SB Betting portfolio for quite some time now is certainly the Risk Management and Trading system. Thanks to the highly developed module, the supplier was one step ahead of other companies operating on the market.

This tool enabled operators to easily manage the risks associated with sports and casino betting, as well as tailor the offer to the individual needs of their clients. The system introduced greater flexibility and optimization, which enabled operators using SB Betting software to take an important technological step forward.

Interestingly, SB Betting also has a team that cooperates with specific clients of the company and constantly supplements the module with further solutions.

SB Betting offers its partners a platform that allows mixing feeds. Thus, a considerable challenge for the company was to develop a solution related to the cashout option, which would include several different feeds.

The option of both cashout and partial cashout is available in the supplier’s offer, thanks to which the bookmakers’ clients are able to make a total or partial withdrawal of their funds even if the bets come from different feeds.

The partial cashout option itself, of course, opens up a new dimension of betting on sports events for the player. Clients gain greater control over their bets, which can translate into increased user engagement and increased number of bets placed.

Flexible Odds Feature – different odds within one platform

Another solution that definitely distinguishes SB Betting on the market is the Flexible Odds Feature. This solution allows to change the odds for specific events for a specific markets and a specific group of players or even individual players. By using segmentation tools that the supplier also has in its portfolio, operators have the opportunity to offer higher odds to VIP players.

The reason for starting work on this functionality was also the desire to develop the retail offer. With the Flexible Odds Feature, a particular Betting shop can put up much more attractive odds in relation to its competitors operating in the neighborhood.

The solution works extremely well, because it gives SB Betting partners much more flexibility in creating their offer and facilitates competition with operators who do not have access to such solutions.

New application and new perspectives

In recent years, SB Betting has again been forced to meet market trends. At a time when almost every player has a mobile phone with them, there was a need to develop a brand new mobile application.

After analyzing the market, the supplier started to work on a completely new application that will combine innovative technology with functionalities that will make the interface more intuitive for the player.

SB Betting is also going with the times when it comes to security issues and in its new application it allows to replace traditional login with biometric login.

Despite the fact that the SB Betting application has been on the market for only a few years and has been constantly developed to meet the expectations of clients, the supplier decided to give the project a new life.

New Promo Engine

In addition to the new app, SB Betting has also embarked on a new version of Promo Engine in recent years. Even in its original version, it was an advanced tool that allowed operators to create unique promotions and bonuses.

However, Promo Engine 2.0 introduces a new structure and a separate database dedicated to promotions, which allows operators to perform more calculations in real-time or near real-time. Just to remind we are talking about recalculation of 4 million transactions taking place in just one hour. In addition, an extensive backend website is available, which gives operators greater opportunities to customize the promotion, and the entire process becomes simpler.

Thanks to these innovations, bookmakers using SB Betting tools can create their own distinctive promotional offers with multiple dependencies, which allows them to stand out in the market.

What’s next?

To sum up, SB Betting has been constantly setting new standards in technological development for the iGaming industry since the beginning of its activity. By introducing innovative solutions such as the modern Casino Platform, Risk Management and Trading, Partial Cashout, Flexible Odds Feature, AI-assisted players’ personalized offer, as well as a brand-new mobile application, the company is constantly gaining recognition among casino operators and bookmakers in many jurisdictions.

Further development and engagement in research on further innovative solutions will certainly allow the company to better meet client expectations and compete with the most recognized technology companies in the market. Considering the rapid growth to date, it is difficult to have any doubt that it will continue in the next few years.