by Kajetan Sawicz

Scarabet Launch Unveils New Era of iGaming Excellence

Campeón Gaming heralds a new chapter in the iGaming industry with the launch of Scarabet, their latest brand, energized by the sophisticated Sportsbook solution from Delasport. This fresh unveiling marks a significant stride in high-quality entertainment, leveraging Campeón Gaming’s cutting-edge in-house platform for an unparalleled gaming experience.

A Testament to Continued Success

Following the triumphant expansion of FoggyBet and 21.RED last year, Scarabet is set to further cement Campeón Gaming’s position in the industry, building on a fruitful partnership with Delasport. The new platform showcases the robust and flexible nature of Campeón Gaming’s in-house solutions, with a particular focus on the sports betting vertical. Delasport’s acclaimed Sportsbook solution plays a pivotal role, known for its high-margin potential through personalized betting experiences, innovative wagering options, and dynamic player engagement tools.

The integration ease provided by Delasport’s Plug & Play iFrame solution underscores the company’s success, allowing seamless incorporation of their sportsbook into operator websites, enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency.

Industry Leaders Share Their Vision

Rosaire Galea Cavallaro, Delasport’s VP of Business Development, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration:

“Partnering with Campeón Gaming on yet another promising brand of theirs makes us proud and excited and we’ll help them stand out in their market right from the very start. Campeόn Gaming’s team is highly professional and that makes our day-to-day work with them a real treat. Sports betting is a must for any brand and we’re happy to assist Scarabet in reaching optimal player retention and engagement.”

Echoing this sentiment, Nikos Zygouris, Campeón Gaming’s Head of Product, highlighted the synergy between the two companies:

“Collaborating with Delasport has been a pleasure from the very start. We value the symbiosis between our in-house platform and their sportsbook solution. The personalized features and engagement tools make deals like this one a no-brainer. Overall, we take pride in how Scarabet is coming together and we are eager to unveil it – undoubtedly players will enjoy everything about it.”

Our Comment on the Article

The launch of Scarabet by Campeón Gaming, powered by Delasport’s innovative Sportsbook solution, is a significant moment that showcases the evolving landscape of iGaming. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to providing cutting-edge gaming experiences that cater to the diverse needs of players. The strategic collaboration and the use of advanced technology in Scarabet’s development promise to set new standards in the industry, offering a rich and engaging platform for gaming enthusiasts. As the iGaming industry continues to grow, initiatives like these are pivotal in driving forward the quality and accessibility of online gaming worldwide.

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