by Mateusz Mazur

SCCG Management Forges New Path in Brazil with Connectika Partnership

SCCG Management, a renowned leader in iGaming and sports betting advisory, has announced a groundbreaking sponsorship partnership with Connectika, a pioneering payment solutions provider in Brazil.

This partnership marks a significant development in SCCG’s strategic expansion within the Brazilian market and complements their existing alliances with entities like Versus FC and Abdala Advogados.

Connectika’s Role and Collaboration with Bexs Bank

Connectika stands out through its collaboration with Bexs Bank (Ebury Bank Brazil), positioning itself as a pivotal player for international companies venturing into Brazil’s financial sector.

This is particularly relevant in the highly regulated sports betting and iGaming industries. With a team experienced in Brazil’s complex regulatory landscape, Connectika offers tailored solutions for Non-Resident Bank accounts using local PIX Keys, significantly reducing operational costs and fiscal impacts on Net Gaming Revenue.

For Tier A operators, Connectika’s bespoke financial solutions promise to streamline market entry and address industry-specific demands.

Implications of the Collaboration

Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG Management, expressed enthusiasm about this new venture: “Our partnership with Connectika represents a crucial milestone in our Brazilian expansion. Connectika’s expertise in local payment integration and strategic partnerships aligns with our objectives. We’re eager to utilize our extensive client partner network to foster business growth and distribution for Connectika in this dynamic market.”

Saar Alfia, Founder and Managing Director of Connectika, highlighted the unique challenges and opportunities in Brazil: “The Brazilian market’s evolution has inspired Connectika and our local financial partners to develop innovative, regulation-compliant solutions. These solutions are uniquely tailored to allow international companies to operate globally while benefiting from local considerations in Brazil. We’re thrilled about our partnership with SCCG Management and its potential transformative impact on the industry.”

This alliance is set to bolster SCCG’s capabilities in navigating Brazil’s complex financial terrain, particularly in integrating local payment methods such as PIX and Boleto. Connectika’s approach is designed to resonate with Brazilian consumers, ensuring a smooth market entry and compliance for SCCG’s clientele.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between SCCG Management and Connectika signifies a strategic and forward-thinking approach to conquering the Brazilian market. By leveraging Connectika’s innovative payment solutions and deep understanding of the local financial landscape, SCCG is positioning itself to make a significant impact in the region.

This collaboration not only facilitates smoother market entry for international operators but also embodies a broader trend in the iGaming and sports betting industries, where adapting to local markets and regulatory frameworks is key to success. The synergy between SCCG’s market expertise and Connectika’s innovative solutions could set a new benchmark for international companies looking to penetrate the Brazilian market, promising exciting developments in the near future.

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