Date: 19.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Serbian Basketball Sensation Nikola Jokić Joins Superbet as Brand Ambassador

Serbian basketball superstar, Nikola Jokić, widely regarded as one of the world’s top basketball players and a two-time NBA Finals MVP, has teamed up with Superbet, a leading sports betting brand.

This partnership signifies a significant milestone, as Jokić becomes one of the brand’s prominent active athlete ambassadors. The collaboration will primarily focus on the Serbian market.

Superbet’s Remarkable Growth

This development underscores the remarkable growth of Superbet, which, shortly after entering the Serbian market, has successfully forged a partnership with one of the nation’s most celebrated sports figures.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, Nikola Jokić stated, “I am delighted to team up with Superbet, a company renowned for the unique way in which they connect fans across Europe with the thrilling world of sports.

“Even more, I appreciate the importance given by the company towards responsible gaming and that was one of the key aspects which convinced me to partner up with this amazing brand.

“I believe that the passion they invest in nurturing sports communities will have a strong impact in the years to come.”

“Together we can build a sustainable future for the Superbet brand, working on long-term plans and discovering new synergies.

“My partnership with Superbet has been nothing short of fantastic so far, and I can’t wait to create exhilarating moments together for fans in Serbia and beyond.”

Under this agreement, Jokić will actively support the brand’s initiatives in the Serbian market.

A Pioneering Partnership

It is not common for athletes at the peak of their careers to engage in ambassadorial partnerships with betting companies. However, in the case of Nikola Jokić, an absolute and unquestionable NBA superstar, Superbet emerged as an attractive partner. For the entire Superbet Group, this collaboration is a privilege and a tremendous opportunity to bolster the bookmaker’s reputation by meeting evolving fan expectations and consistently delivering more than anticipated.

This partnership further solidifies Superbet’s status as an iconic sports brand, aligning sports enthusiasts worldwide with the thrilling world of sports. Superbet’s decision to take this next step and collaborate with Denver Nuggets’ standout center, who, at just 28 years old, boasts five All-Star appearances, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to its continuous growth.

Nikola Jokić has redefined the role of a center in modern basketball, showcasing tactical acumen, flexibility, and exceptional passing skills. His career serves as an inspirational story for young basketball players worldwide, with Nikola embodying the values of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering passion for the sport.

For Superbet, this collaboration goes beyond Nikola Jokić’s sporting prowess; it is founded on shared values. The basketball champion embodies qualities such as passion, authenticity, determination, and unity, all of which are fundamental to Superbet. The Serbian market, where this ambassadorial partnership applies, is a key focal point for the group’s development, alongside markets in Romania, Poland, and Belgium.

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