Date: 09.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:41

SIS Champions Argentine Racing Heritage with Gran Premio Nacional Sponsorship

SIS (Sports Information Services) reaffirms its commitment to the Argentine racing scene as it sponsors the esteemed Gran Premio Nacional at the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Buenos Aires.

This event, slated for November 11, is not only a nod to the sport’s rich history but also highlights SIS’s strategic role as the exclusive global distributor of the course’s content.

A Tradition of Excellence

The Gran Premio Nacional stands as a pinnacle of the Argentine racing calendar, embodying the heritage and prestige of the sport.

SIS’s sponsorship extends beyond a single race; it is a celebration of a year-round festival of Group 1 races hosted at Palermo, further cementing the partnership between the two entities.

Strengthening Latin American Ties

SIS’s dedication to Latin American racing is unmistakable, building on the previous year’s success and continuing to support the region’s racing industry.

Their 24/7 Live Betting services ensure that the thrill of these events reaches a global audience, with live streams, data, and betting opportunities that keep viewers engaged day and night.

Global Reach, Local Impact

With over 40,000 live events streamed globally each year, SIS not only showcases races from Argentina but also brings action from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay to the world stage.

Michele Fischer, Vice President SIS Content Services, said: “The Gran Premio Nacional is one of the highlights of the year in the racing calendar in Argentina, and we once again look forward to sponsoring the race.

“The agreement further strengthens our relationship with the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo racecourse, in a region that is of great importance for both SIS and the racing industry as a whole.”

Hernan Fucile, Director of Simulcasting Operations at Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, said: “We’re delighted to build on the success of last year’s Nacional and continue to enhance our partnership with SIS.

“The race is always an entertaining prospect and promises to attract viewers not just to Buenos Aires but across the globe when the action commences.”

Our Comment on the Article

SIS’s sponsorship of the Gran Premio Nacional is a strategic move that emphasizes the global appeal of Argentine horse racing. By aligning with such a historic event, SIS not only pays homage to the sport’s tradition but also leverages its position to enhance the global betting experience.

This partnership is a clear indicator of SIS’s influence and dedication to the sport, promising an exhilarating racing spectacle with far-reaching impacts.