by Antoni Majewski

Spelinspektionen and IBIA Join Forces to Uphold Sports Betting Integrity in Sweden

In a significant move to safeguard the integrity of sports betting, the Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen, and the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) have established a collaboration, marking a milestone in the global fight against match-fixing and suspicious betting activities.

Strengthening Swedish Sports Betting Integrity

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Spelinspektionen and IBIA signifies a strategic alliance in the realm of sports betting integrity. This partnership aligns the Swedish Gambling Authority’s commitment to a legal, safe, and reliable gambling market with IBIA’s role as a prominent global betting integrity monitor. Together, they will exchange crucial information on suspicious betting activities in Swedish sports, enhancing the surveillance and protection of the sector.

The Swedish sports betting market, predominantly represented by IBIA members, has seen significant growth, with H2 Gambling Capital reporting a Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of SEK4,690 million in 2022. This collaboration comes at a crucial time when the industry’s financial stakes are higher than ever.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Khalid Ali, the CEO of IBIA, expressed enthusiasm for the agreement, highlighting the association’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of both Swedish sport and the regulated betting market. Utilizing global customer account transaction data, IBIA aims to identify and report suspicious activities, thus playing a pivotal role in upholding market integrity.

Camilla Rosenberg, the Director-General of SGA, emphasized the importance of sharing information on suspicious betting to maintain sports integrity. She expressed optimism about the partnership with IBIA, which will enhance the national platform’s coordination and the overall efforts against match-fixing.

Future Developments and Global Impact

In December 2023, the Swedish Government proposed amendments to the Gambling Ordinance to align fully with the Macolin Convention. These changes will enable the SGA to establish a platform for information sharing among licensed betting operators and national sports federations, further strengthening the fight against match-fixing.

As a globally recognized non-profit organization, IBIA boasts a membership of nearly 50 companies and over 125 leading sports betting brands. With an annual betting turnover exceeding $137 billion, IBIA’s role as the world’s leading integrity monitoring body is undeniable. The organization’s integrity reports, including the upcoming Q4 and annual report for 2023, play a crucial role in tracking and addressing betting-related corruption.

A Forward Step in Betting Integrity

The collaboration between Spelinspektionen and IBIA marks a significant stride in ensuring the integrity of sports betting in Sweden and beyond. By pooling resources and information, these organizations set a precedent for global cooperation in combating match-fixing and maintaining the purity of sports.

While challenges remain, this partnership is a commendable move towards a more transparent and trustworthy betting environment. The upcoming reports from IBIA will be instrumental in gauging the effectiveness of these efforts and shaping future strategies against betting-related corruption.

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