Date: 08.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Spelinspektionen Leads Efforts Against Match-fixing in Sweden

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling regulatory authority, is coordinating the Matchfixningsrådet (Match-fixing Council) to promote strategic and operational cooperation in combating match-fixing.

This initiative aligns with Sweden’s commitment to the Macolin Convention, a European Council convention aimed at preventing manipulation of sports competition results.

International Exchange and Collaboration

In its third and final meeting of the year on December 5th, the council welcomed representatives from Finland’s national platform. This visit facilitated an important exchange of experiences and discussions on tackling match-fixing, a problem often transcending national borders. Samuel Wahlberg, the match-fixing coordinator at Spelinspektionen, emphasized the importance of international collaboration in addressing these challenges, given the similar hurdles faced by national platforms.

The meeting also featured a presentation by Sportradar Integrity Services, a global provider of integrity services, including those for detecting and investigating match-fixing. This inclusion highlights the council’s dedication to employing advanced and effective methods in its fight against match-fixing.

Sweden’s Governmental Commitment

The Swedish government has announced plans for Spelinspektionen to become the national platform required to meet the obligations of the Macolin Convention. This development is expected to lead to more in-depth and operationally focused cooperation. Patrik Gustavsson, a department head at Spelinspektionen, noted the importance of spreading suspicions of match-fixing so that concerned parties can use available tools more effectively.

In consultation with the Matchfixningsrådet’s representatives, Spelinspektionen is currently preparing to drive this platform for sharing suspicions and information. This effort underscores Spelinspektionen’s proactive approach in creating a robust mechanism to combat match-fixing effectively.

Our Comment on the Article

Spelinspektionen’s leadership in forming and coordinating the Matchfixningsrådet is a crucial step towards combating match-fixing in sports. By fostering international cooperation and leveraging expert insights from organizations like Sportradar, Spelinspektionen is setting a strong example in addressing this complex issue.

The Swedish government’s support in establishing Spelinspektionen as a national platform under the Macolin Convention further solidifies this commitment. This collaborative approach, emphasizing information sharing and operational cooperation, is key in creating a more transparent and fair sporting environment.