Date: 22.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:39

Statscore Expands Partnership with Polish Football Association

Statscore, a prominent sports data provider, has broadened its collaboration with the Polish Football Association, now encompassing three key football competitions: the Polish Women’s Orlen Ekstraliga, Men’s 2. Liga, and the Fortuna Polish Cup.

This expansion grants Statscore exclusive rights to collect and provide real-time, play-by-play data directly from the venues of these leagues.

Role as the Exclusive Data Provider

As the Exclusive Data Provider for these competitions, Statscore is set to continue delivering comprehensive sports statistics for all matches. The company’s ScoutsFeed product is noted for its capability to track live data with remarkable speed, reportedly in under one second.

Radosław Firlej, Data Partnerships Manager at Statscore, expressed pride in strengthening their partnership, stating “It’s a moment of immense pride for us as we fortify our partnership with the Polish Football Association by extending collaboration with these three competitions. This reaffirms Statscore’s standing as a key partner for a spectrum of renowned sports organizations.”

In-Depth Data Collection by Statscore Scouts

Statscore scouts will be present at matches across the Polish Women’s Orlen Ekstraliga, Men’s 2. Liga, and during the national phase of the Fortuna Polish Cup. They will gather detailed match data, encompassing critical incidents such as goals, shots on/off target, card offenses, corner kicks, and free kicks.

The live football data collated by Statscore will be accessible through ScoutsFeed and integrated into platforms like CupCenter, LeagueCenter, and TeamCenter on the official websites of these competitions. This integration aims to enhance the accessibility and engagement of fans and stakeholders in Polish football.

Our Comment on the Article

The expanded partnership between Statscore and the Polish Football Association marks a significant advancement in sports data provision for Polish football.

By securing exclusive rights to collect live data from major football competitions, Statscore reinforces its role as a pivotal player in sports analytics. This collaboration not only benefits the involved parties but also elevates the overall experience for fans, teams, and analysts by providing accurate and timely data.

The diversification of Statscore’s services, including its ventures into global football leagues and other sports like the NBA, demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing sports data accessibility and quality on a global scale.