Date: 10.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:41

Super Group’s Record-Breaking Q3 Results: A Closer Look

Super Group (SGHC) Limited, the powerhouse behind Betway and Spin, has marked an impressive financial milestone in the third quarter of 2023.

Super Group's Record-Breaking Q3 Results: A Closer Look

The company witnessed a 16% surge in revenue, reaching a record-breaking €356.9 million. This achievement marks Super Group’s highest revenue for a third quarter, showcasing their robust growth trajectory in the competitive iGaming landscape.

Neal Menashe, CEO of Super Group, attributes this success to the company’s solid performance, stating “Super Group has delivered yet another quarter of solid results, having achieved our highest ever revenue for a third quarter, as well as new all-time highs for both our customer numbers and deposits. I remain encouraged by our very strong customer engagement and continued expansion of our global iGaming offering.”

Financial Nuances and Future Orientations

Despite the remarkable revenue growth, the quarter also saw some financial complexities. A notable element was the €10.6 million profit, which included a €14.2 million non-cash charge due to changes in the fair value of an option liability.

This reflects the dynamic nature of Super Group’s financial strategies and their broader implications.

Alinda van Wyk, the CFO, highlighted the company’s strong ex-US Revenue of €348.9 million, stating  “For the third quarter, we delivered ex-US Revenue of €348.9 million and ex-US Operational EBITDA of €64.1 million, which resulted in a strong margin of 18%. We continue to focus on investing for future growth and the further realization of cost efficiencies. Despite some headwinds experienced this quarter, while tight, we are reaffirming our guidance, assuming a normalized margin for the remainder of the year.”

Operational Highlights and Market Dynamics

Super Group’s operational EBITDA stood at €53.8 million, an increase from the previous year’s €49.6 million. This includes a significant contribution from non-US operations and a US market loss, reflecting the company’s diversified market presence.

The company’s footprint in various markets, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, has contributed to this growth, though it’s partially offset by declines in South/Latin America and Asia-Pacific markets.

Customer Engagement and Cash Flow Insights

The company’s customer engagement saw a remarkable upswing, with Monthly Active Customers growing by 44% to 4.0 million. This customer base expansion is a testament to Super Group’s effective engagement strategies.

The cash and cash equivalents stood at €245.3 million as of September 30, 2023. The quarter experienced various cash flow movements, including inflows from operating activities and investing activities, and outflows from financing activities, painting a comprehensive picture of Super Group’s financial management.

Our Comment on the Article

Super Group’s Q3 results reflect a company that is not only growing but also adapting strategically in a volatile market. The record revenue amidst complex financial maneuvers demonstrates their ability to balance growth with financial prudence.

The increase in customer base and operational EBITDA signifies a strong market presence and operational efficiency. Super Group, with its strategic investments and market adaptability, continues to assert its position as a leader in the iGaming industry.