by Maciej Akimow

Superbet Becomes a Sponsor for 2024 Cearense Championship

In a notable development for Brazilian football, Superbet has been unveiled as the primary sponsor for the 2024 Cearense Championship. This announcement was made by the Cearense Football Federation (FCF), highlighting Superbet’s acquisition of the Naming Rights for this prestigious state-level tournament.

As a result of this sponsorship, the championship will now be known as Cearense Superbet 2024. The championship is set to commence on January 20th, kicking off with a match between Fortaleza, the five-time state champion, and Horizonte, the reigning champion of Series B.

Superbet wants to support Brazilian sports

Superbet, a sports betting company, is not just making waves in Cearense but is also eyeing the São Paulo football scene. The company is in talks for sponsorship deals with prominent São Paulo clubs.

One such negotiation is with Corinthians for the 2024 season. Corinthians, currently partnered with Pixbet, faces a significant decision as Pixbet has shown interest in becoming their main sponsor. According to sports journalist Jorge Nicola, Pixbet has proposed a R$100 million deal to take over as the primary sponsor. This proposal emerged following Superbet’s R$80 million offer to Corinthians, prompting Pixbet to potentially increase their bid by R$20 million.

Additionally, São Paulo FC is also in discussions with Superbet for a potential sponsorship deal that could extend up to four years. The current sponsor, Sportsbet.io, holds the right to match any new sponsorship offers, ensuring an interesting dynamic in the sports marketing arena.

Superbet’s bold decision

For Superbet, the investment in Brazil is its first attempt to expand beyond the European market. The bookmaker, which hails from Romania, is active in the local market there, as well as in Poland or Serbia. Superbet, however, has aspirations to become a global brand thanks to, among other things, the funds offered by the Black Stone fund.

Hot competition

As we well know, the LATAM market, and Brazil in particular, is the point of attention of most operators in the world. This region is revealing itself as a new boom in the industry, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the next regulations in each market. There is a lot of craziness in all of this, and the South American market is very specific, which not everyone is aware of.

Our commentary

Superbet’s business moves are understandable. When entering the South American market, it is very important to build proper recognition and credibility in the eyes of customers. Sports sponsorship is relatively the fastest, although not the cheapest. However, Superbet has hired competent people with the right successes to their credit to make the mission titled Brazil a success.

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