Date: 16.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Superbet Group Announces Leadership Transition with Jimmy Maymann as New CEO

Superbet Group, a leader in the tech and entertainment industry, has announced a significant leadership change.

Jimmy Maymann, the company’s Deputy Chairman, is set to become the CEO from 15 January 2024. He will be succeeding Johnny Hartnett, who will transition to the role of Non-executive Director on the same date.

Jimmy Maymann’s Background

Maymann brings a wealth of experience to his new role as CEO. He is renowned for his senior and board-level leadership, particularly as an innovator and entrepreneur in technology, media, digital services, telecoms, and NGOs.

Maymann co-founded the online video distribution platform GoViral, which was later acquired by AOL in 2011. He also boasts an impressive track record in leading and expanding major content brands, including his tenure as Executive VP at AOL and CEO of The Huffington Post, where he significantly expanded its global reach.

Vision and Strategy

As CEO, Maymann aims to leverage Superbet’s potential for scalability and international expansion, building on the company’s foundation of trust with its customers and market stakeholders.

He plans to work closely with the Board to guide Superbet towards becoming a global leader in the tech and entertainment industry, emphasizing responsible gaming practices.

Remarks from Leadership

Hans Holger-Albrecht, Chairman of the Board, expressed confidence in Maymann’s ability, stating “Jimmy Maymann has an impressive background, which seamlessly blends successful entrepreneurial endeavors with significant experience of creating global scale. As such, he is a perfect fit for the mindset and next stage of growth and scaling for Superbet.

We are confident that Jimmy will have a strong positive impact on the Group’s strategy and business model, while working together with the team to realize the growth opportunity for Superbet.”

Johnny Hartnett reflected on his tenure as CEO with gratitude, acknowledging the progress made and expressing excitement for Superbet’s future under Maymann’s leadership. He said “The last five years have been the ride of a lifetime. I’d like to thank Sacha and the Dragic family for the opportunity they gave me and the unwavering trust, support, guidance, and friendship over my five-year tenure. I took over a business with an incredible foundation to work from and hopefully the building blocks we’ve put on top of that will set the business up well for the next phase of its growth.”

Sacha Dragic, Founder and Board Member, also expressed gratitude to Hartnett, stating “I am grateful to Johnny for his tremendous impact on Superbet’s growth and performance over the last five years and I am delighted he will take up a new role on the Board. He leaves a great team ready to further scale and continue our journey of growth.”

Our Comment on the Article

The appointment of Jimmy Maymann as CEO marks a pivotal moment for Superbet Group, reflecting a strategic move towards further innovation and global expansion.

Maymann’s extensive experience in leading high-profile digital and media ventures positions him uniquely to steer Superbet through its next growth phase.

The transition underscores Superbet’s commitment to maintaining strong leadership and vision as it continues to evolve in the dynamic tech and entertainment landscape. This change at the helm is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies, potentially accelerating Superbet’s trajectory as a global industry leader while adhering to its core values of responsible gaming and customer trust.

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