Date: 10.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 10.01.2024 11:28

Superbet’s Remarkable Ascent in the Polish Betting Market

Entering 2023 as part of the chasing group, Superbet Polska dreamt of catching up with the leaders in the Polish betting market. After twelve months of dynamic development, the company leaps into a year marked by the European Football Championship and the Paris Olympics, securing its position as the second-largest online bookmaker in Poland.

“And we are looking up boldly, of course, with full respect for our competitors. But looking at our results last year, we have to clearly say that ‘the sky is the limit’. The goal for the next twelve months is, however, to consolidate our position as the runner-up,” says Łukasz Seweryniak, CEO of Superbet Polska.

Rapid Growth and Market Impact

Since its online debut in Poland in 2020, Superbet has rapidly emerged as one of the largest bookmakers, building a strong position despite competition from well-established brands. “Analyzing year-over-year results, it’s hard not to be optimistic,” Seweryniak emphasizes.

The number of active customers increased by 66%, with over a 30% increase in new account registrations. Total bets rose by 111% to half a billion euros, comparing favorably even to the World Cup year. These results, Seweryniak notes, have exceeded the company’s revised budgetary assumptions, showcasing a successful year for Superbet.

Key to Success: Engaging Customers

The secret to attracting 260,000 new players in 2023 lies in Superbet’s modern mobile app (91% of last year’s bets were placed on mobile devices, 86% of which were through the iOS and Android app) and its customer-centric approach. Promotions like Superprzewaga and Superbonus have made Superbet’s offerings highly appealing to bettors. With Superprzewaga, bets are settled as wins when a certain advantage is achieved in popular sports disciplines and competitions. Superbonus enhances multiple bets, contributing to a 60% year-over-year increase in active users.

Seweryniak also highlights the company’s focus on free-to-play games like Superspin and Supergame, where players can win substantial prizes without financial input. Their recent promotion includes giving away 30 Fiat 500 cars, mainly through these free games.

Strategic Partnership with Lech Poznań

Beyond business development, Superbet Polska’s year was marked by dynamic marketing and sponsorship activities, with a strategic partnership with Lech Poznań being a key highlight. Katarzyna Gawlik, Marketing Director at Superbet Polska, points out the company’s broad sponsorship activities, including with Górnik Zabrze and Stomil Olsztyn, emphasizing the value they bring to the fans.

The company’s support extends beyond football, backing other sports like the successful Superbet Poland Dart Masters. The upcoming edition, scheduled for Gliwice Arena, indicates the event’s growing popularity. “We are open to unconventional sports disciplines, as they can be hidden gems like darts,” says Gawlik.

As for 2024, a year filled with major sports events, Seweryniak prefers to let actions and concrete results speak for themselves. “We do not slow down. We have big ambitions, great partners, and a fantastic team—all we need to succeed,” he concludes.

Our Comment on the Article

Superbet Polska’s journey in 2023 is a testament to strategic planning, innovative customer engagement, and effective marketing. Their ability to capitalize on major sports events while diversifying their offerings showcases a forward-thinking approach in the competitive Polish betting market. As they look towards 2024, their mix of ambition and proven strategy positions them well for continued success and growth.