by Antoni Majewski

Tonje Sagstuen Appointed as Permanent CEO of Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping, Norway’s state-owned lottery operator, has confirmed the appointment of Tonje Sagstuen as its permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Sagstuen, who has been a long-term executive at Norsk Tipping, had been serving as the interim CEO since September, following Thor Gjermund Eriksen’s departure from the role.

Extensive Experience and Leadership

Sagstuen’s journey at Norsk Tipping is marked by her extensive experience, including a five-year tenure as deputy CEO. Her prior role as Chief Officer of responsibility, society, and communication showcases her deep involvement in the company’s initiatives to raise funds for Norwegian social and charitable organizations.

Board’s Confidence and Acknowledgment

Norsk Tipping’s chairwoman, Sylvia Brustad, announced Sagstuen’s appointment, acknowledging her deep understanding of the company’s workforce, social responsibilities, and civic duties. The board has expressed confidence in Sagstuen’s capabilities, particularly appreciating the work she accomplished during her interim tenure. Brustad remarked, “With her, Norsk Tipping gets a skilled and experienced manager who knows the company and its employees very well.”

Sagstuen’s Vision and Background

Prior to her corporate career, Sagstuen had a distinguished career as an athlete, representing Norway in over 200 matches as part of the national handball team. Commenting on her appointment, she stated, “I am grateful for the trust the board shows in me, and humbled by the responsibility I have been given. Norsk Tipping is a large company that plays an important role for the whole of Norway, and I look forward to leading the work on our important social mission further.”

Our Comment on the Article

Sagstuen’s appointment as CEO of Norsk Tipping is a testament to her extensive experience and deep commitment to the company’s mission. Her leadership style, grounded in a strong sense of responsibility and community involvement, positions her well to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the lottery and gaming industry. Her unique background as a former athlete adds a dynamic perspective to her leadership approach, promising an engaging and forward-looking tenure at Norsk Tipping​​​​​​.

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