Date: 30.04.2024

by Adam Dworak

Last update: 08.05.2024 10:54

UK Gambling Commission to Review Football Betting Data Integrity

In the wake of recent discrepancies reported in football betting data, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is initiating discussions with major stakeholders in the sector.

GambleAware Releases Data Maps Revealing Gambling Harms in Great Britain

The move, highlighted by the BBC, aims to address concerns over data accuracy that potentially affects bet settlement outcomes.

Data Discrepancies Spark Concern

Andrew Rhodes, CEO of the UKGC, has expressed serious concerns over the accuracy and fairness of data used in football betting. Numerous customers have reported losses due to alleged inaccuracies in data, with no viable means to contest these outcomes.

Key issues have surfaced involving Opta, a principal data supplier for the Premier League, where specific player actions like shots and tackles were reportedly misrecorded.

Highlighted Incidents

Notably, disputes have arisen over reported statistics involving high-profile players and teams. Incorrect data entries for Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and several Sunderland AFC players have led to significant unrest among bettors, questioning the reliability of current data feeds which bookmakers use to settle bets.

Industry Stakeholder Meeting

In response to these pressing issues, Rhodes plans to convene a meeting with football betting industry leaders. The goal is to ensure that betting outcomes are accurately determined and to reinforce the integrity of betting data.

Official Responses

In a statement from Stats Perform, a prominent data provider, it was mentioned, “We take the quality, consistency, and accuracy of our sports data incredibly seriously. We work tirelessly and are proud of our data collection people, processes and event definitions that underpin the trust in the B2B services we provide to the club, league, media and betting sectors.”

Regulatory Considerations

These discussions are set against a backdrop of broader regulatory reviews in the UK, particularly concerning amendments to the Gambling Act. Proposals include establishing a betting ombudsman to act as an independent entity addressing customer grievances against betting operators.

Dispute Resolution Insights

Richard Hayler, Managing Director of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), noted that disputes related to football data accounted for approximately 15% of their total dispute resolution activities in 2023, underscoring the significance of the issue.