by Antoni Majewski

Unibet and Tour de Tietema Launch ‘Follow Your Heart’ Campaign for Heart Health Awareness in Cycling

In a commendable initiative to promote heart health awareness within the cycling community, Unibet Belgium and the Netherlands have partnered with the Dutch cycling team Tour de Tietema (TDT) to launch the ‘Follow Your Heart’ campaign. This campaign aims to educate and raise awareness about heart health issues among cyclists and the broader public in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Educating Through Innovation

The ‘Follow Your Heart’ campaign introduces an innovative online learning tool developed by Unibet’s parent company, Kindred Group plc, and TDT. This tool addresses the increasing concerns over heart health within the cycling community. Additionally, the campaign features an exclusive custom jersey worn by the cycling team to spotlight the critical importance of heart health.

A key highlight of the campaign is the free interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience, which showcases digital avatars of TDT’s owners Bas Tietema, Devin van der Wiel, and Josse Wester. They guide users through an eight-step process to perform lifesaving resuscitation. This cutting-edge approach aims to boost survival rates by equipping the community with essential lifesaving skills.

Personal Motivation and Social Engagement

Lennart Kessels, General Manager Netherlands at Kindred Group, emphasizes the alignment of the campaign with Unibet’s commitment to social engagement and sports. Bas Tietema shares a personal narrative, underscoring the prevalence of heart issues in cycling and the general lack of knowledge on how to respond to emergencies, which motivated the team to leverage their influence for this vital cause.

Dennis Marien, General Manager Belgium at Kindred Group, references a previous awareness initiative with Club Bruges focused on lifesaving skills. By adapting this effort to the cycling domain, the campaign seeks to extend its educational reach, underscoring the importance of responsible action in sports, paralleling Unibet’s dedication to responsible gaming.

Symbolic Representation in Competitive Events

The campaign’s message was vividly brought to life during the Tour of Antalya, where the TDT-Unibet team sported special jerseys emblazoned with the ‘Follow Your Heart’ slogan, heart symbols, and the eight crucial lifesaving skills, further emphasizing the campaign’s core message.

Commentary: A Heartfelt Initiative for the Cycling Community

The ‘Follow Your Heart’ campaign represents a significant stride towards fostering a safer sporting environment, particularly within the cycling community. By merging technological innovation with a deep-seated concern for health and safety, Unibet and Tour de Tietema set a commendable example of how sports entities can play a pivotal role in societal well-being.

This initiative not only educates individuals on essential lifesaving techniques but also reinforces the importance of heart health, inspiring action and awareness across borders.

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