by Mateusz Mazur

Virgin Bet Champions Women in Racing with Inaugural Women’s Day Event at Ayr Racecourse

Virgin Bet is set to make history with its first-ever ‘Women’s Day’ event, scheduled for the Virgin Bet Raceday on March 9th at Ayr Racecourse.

This initiative marks a significant step in celebrating women’s contributions to horse racing and fostering a more inclusive environment in the sport.

A Celebration of Women in Racing

The event is part of Virgin Bet’s broader ‘A Good Bet’ campaign, aimed at dismantling barriers within sports and culture. By hosting this event, Virgin Bet and Ayr Racecourse are spotlighting the remarkable women in horse racing, from jockeys to trainers and beyond. Notable presenting star Natalie Pike will lead the day’s activities, further emphasizing the event’s commitment to inclusion.

Attendees can look forward to engaging panel discussions led by Natalie Pike, featuring influential figures like Delly Innes, Harriet Graham, Charlotte Jones, and Emma Kay. These panels will explore the achievements of legendary women in horse racing and discuss the importance of creative inclusivity within the sport.

Empowering Experiences and Charitable Contributions

The event will also offer unique experiences, such as the opportunity for female attendees to select the Best Turned Out Award for each race. Moreover, Virgin Bet will make a charitable donation to Ayr Racecourse’s charity partner, Ayrshire Cancer Support, underlining the event’s social impact.

In collaboration with WalkSafe, Virgin Bet aims to ensure women’s safety when traveling from the venue, highlighting the app’s features designed to provide support and confidence to women walking alone.

A Potential Alternative to Ladies Day

This pilot Women’s Day event could potentially serve as an alternative to traditional Ladies Day events, emphasizing that horse racing welcomes everyone regardless of gender. Virgin Bet and Ayr Racecourse are dedicated to celebrating the significant roles women play in horse racing and promoting inclusivity in the sport.

Virgin Bet Marketing Director, Ric Leask said: “There are many incredible women involved in making horse racing the spectacle that it is, and for too long, their role has arguably gone uncelebrated and un-thanked. At Virgin Bet, as part of our ‘A Good Bet’ brand campaign, we want to make sport more accessible and to highlight brilliance, no matter who the subject, and this initiative is doing exactly that.”

Presenter and ‘Women’s Day Sponsored by Virgin Bet’ collaborator, Natalie Pike added: “I’ve loved being a part of creating this project with the teams at Virgin Bet and Ayr Racecourse, and hope it can inspire the next generation of incredible women working in horse racing. Sport is for everyone, and activations such as this are crucial to ensuring inclusivity and safety for women at events, and ultimately heroing the brilliant people who work in the sport.”

Our Comment on Virgin Bet’s Women’s Day Initiative

Virgin Bet’s inaugural Women’s Day event at Ayr Racecourse is a commendable initiative that not only celebrates the achievements of women in horse racing but also advances the conversation on inclusivity and safety in sports.

By bringing together industry leaders, athletes, and advocates, this event sets a precedent for future initiatives that aim to make sports more accessible and welcoming for all.

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