Date: 21.05.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 21.05.2024 11:14

“We are excited to showcase the latest additions to our portfolio at the CasinoBeats conference”

We sat down with Andrea Kolarcik Machackova, CMO at SYNOT Games, to talk about the company’s plans for the upcoming CasinoBeats Summit.

What are Synot’s main goals and expectations for participating in the CasinoBeats industry trade show?

Participating in the growing CasinoBeats conference in Malta presents a perfect opportunity for us to evaluate the most recent industry trends, innovations, and emerging technologies. This knowledge will be crucial in shaping our B2B initiatives, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition and consistently enhance our offerings.

Our main objectives for this show include reinforcing client relationships, fostering connections within the industry, exploring new business opportunities, and keeping up with the latest developments in iGaming. Additionally, we aim to showcase our latest products, gather valuable feedback, and identify potential strategic partnerships to further drive our growth and success in the market.

To what extent does participation in such events influence Synot’s strategy for development in the online casino gaming industry?

Participation in events like the CasinoBeats conference significantly shapes SYNOT Games’ strategy for development in the online casino gaming industry. It provides market intelligence and insights into recent trends, helping SYNOT Games anticipate market needs and refine its development priorities. Observing competitors and gathering client feedback inform strategic decisions and product improvements.

Increased brand visibility establishes SYNOT as a key industry player, attracting new clients and partners. Exposure to innovations ensures SYNOT Games remains at the forefront of the industry, inspiring continuous improvement and strategic roadmapping. Overall, these events are crucial for staying competitive, innovative, and responsive to market dynamics.

What new products or solutions is Synot showcasing at the trade show that may interest potential business partners?

At SYNOT Games, we are excited to showcase the latest additions to our portfolio at the CasinoBeats conference. Our sponsorship opportunity allows us to present our new game release, Aloha Bar, coming out on May 23, 2024, in our exclusive sponsorship coffee bar area.

Our team will be on-site to present all the new products including our innovative RNG roulette – 1st mobile focused table game in our porfolio. This offering enhances the player experience with its unique features and gameplay mechanics.

Moreover, we take pride in introducing a new retention tool: the Tournament tool. This tool will soon be available as part of our comprehensive suite of retention tools for all clients, aimed at boosting player engagement and loyalty.

What benefits does participation in such trade shows bring for developing relationships with current and potential business partners?

Participation in trade shows offers numerous benefits for developing relationships with both current and potential business partners. The primary advantage is the opportunity to strengthen relationships with our clients through face-to-face interactions, which are crucial for building trust and loyalty.

As we expand into new markets, maintaining visibility at key events, such as CasinoBeats, is essential. These events provide a platform to showcase our offerings to a wide audience, thereby increasing our brand visibility and positioning SYNOT Games as a leading player in the online gaming industry.

What other industry events does the company plan to attend this year?

Our company has a robust lineup of industry events scheduled for 2024. After ICE at the beginning of the year, we are excited about our participation in events such as the Prague Gaming Summit, Enada Primavera Rimini, FIJMA Madrid, and iGaming Next Malta. Our calendar continues with CasinoBeats Malta, Expo Belgrade in Serbia, continuing with SBC Summit in Lisbon and SiGMA Malta, among others.

These planned participations reflect our commitment to networking and exploring new business opportunities. Each event on our calendar has been carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive view of the industry, enabling us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving gaming landscape.