by Bartosz Burzyński

We begin the Women in Gaming podcast

In the near future, on our channels we will launch a completely new podcast – “Women in Gaming,” in which we will talk to successful women from the iGaming industry. The podcast will be hosted by Daria Bazydło-Egier, who has several years of experience in business.

Women in Gaming – new podcast in the iGaming industry

As its title points out, the podcast will talk about women who are successful in the iGaming industry, which is still dominated by men. Despite this, there is no shortage of women in the global gambling industry who perform well in various sectors of the industry.

The Women in Gaming podcast aims to show that the iGaming industry is not only interesting as a career path for men, but also for women who perfectly find themselves in this environment.

In our conversations, women will tell their stories, and Daria will make sure that they feel comfortable in front of the microphone, which will not be difficult, because she has a lot of experience in business.

“I’m delighted to be a part of this incredible project. Over the years of working in this industry, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to collaborate with and observe many amazing, ambitious, and intriguing women who have inspired others to work towards their professional goals with grace. Throughout the execution of various projects, we often had the chance to exchange experiences and support each other in our daily activities. This collaboration has brought results. Therefore, the conversations I hope we have, will be filled with stories, challenges, successes, and lessons that genuinely inspire career development in this market sector. We want you to feel that these discussions will be inspiring.” – Daria Bazydło-Egier commented.

The first episode of our podcast is coming soon. You can listen to it on Spotify and other platforms. Of course, we will inform about everything on our website, as well as on social media.

Success is guaranteed. Who is Daria Bazydło-Egier?

Daria Bazydło-Egier is an experienced business specialist with rich professional experience of several years of work. Her area of activity includes market analysis, re-launch and launch of products to the market, marketing, communication, and implementation of innovative sales solutions. She is an expert in drawing up product and brand development strategies, both on the Polish and foreign markets. Daria is also excellent in building business relationships and negotiating trade contracts.

As a valued speaker, Daria is often invited to international industry conferences, where she conducts workshops and presentations focusing on the involvement of European companies in projects and the development of their business. Her experience in working on international projects contributes to the improvement of efficiency of companies in Europe.

In addition, Daria has Ph.D. in economic sciences and her thesis concerns Machiavellian behavior in the sales network. She is a graduate of reputable universities, such as SGH, SWPS and Kozminski University. She also has valuable certificates in the field of project management, negotiation, coaching, and psychology.

Daria is not only a talented specialist, but also a dedicated mentor in academic business incubators. It is a pleasure to her to support start-ups in the development of their business. In addition, as a freelancer, she involves in projects related to the development of an online knowledge platform on finance, what reflects her passion for continuously broaden her business and e-commerce knowledge.

Daria Bazydło-Egier is not only an outstanding professional, but also a person who enjoys learning, exploring the world, as well as its economic and logical rules. Her diverse achievements and skills inspire others, and her commitment to business development covntributes to the success of many businesses.

A whole package of activities supporting women in the iGaming industry

One of the missions of our website is to equal opportunities for women in the iGaming industry, which is why we created the podcast “Women in Gaming,” and we plan to introduce many other similar initiatives.

Our goal is to provide a space where women can share their views and experiences. Regular meetings will become a place where they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, interact with others and support each other.

In addition, we intend to create a platform that will enable active interaction between women in the iGaming industry. We also want to provide a wide range of publications in which we will talk about the extraordinary achievements of women in this field.

Through our initiatives, we want to highlight and honor the contributions and achievements of women in the iGaming industry and encourage future generations to develop their careers in this dynamic environment.

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