by Mateusz Mazur

“We’re confident we can capture the attention of lottery fans”

With an eye on the rapidly expanding online lottery sphere, projected to burgeon to $22.87 billion by 2028, Evoplay is poised to leverage its renowned game development expertise to captivate lottery enthusiasts worldwide. In the insightful interview, Frank Cecchini, Head of Lottery at Evoplay, delves into the company’s strategic move into the lucrative lottery market.

What contributed to Evoplay’s decision to enter the lottery vertical?

Moving into the lottery market is a big move for Evoplay. The projected surge in the online lottery market, expected to reach $22.87 billion with 42.8 million users by 2028, underscores the immense growth potential that drives our interest in this dynamic sector.

A lot of Evoplay’s games, including flagship titles like Adrenaline Rush and Star Guardians, as well as sports-themed products like Penalty Shoot-out: Street or Hockey Shootout, demonstrate their adaptability for most lotteries. With our expertise in creating unique player experiences, we’re confident we can capture the attention of lottery fans and make a real impact in this space. We’re gearing up for our debut lottery release in late 2024, and we’re going to provide some really exciting experiences that will truly connect with iGamers.

What current trends are you seeing in the lottery sector and how do you see it evolving in the months and years ahead?

The lottery industry is going through some major changes worldwide, thanks to digitalisation. The pandemic has accelerated this process, pushing lotteries to quickly adapt to changing consumer tastes. Online platforms and content have emerged as vital revenue streams for lotteries of all sizes, including the smallest.

While lotteries are stepping up their game with innovative new offerings, they’re still facing some stiff competition from online sports betting and casinos which make up the majority of iGaming revenue. To stay relevant, lotteries have to spice things up and create content that resonates with today’s tech-savvy players, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Together, these two generations make up a massive chunk of the population – a whopping 4.27 billion. Keeping this at the forefront of what we do at Evoplay, and our aim is to deliver exciting entertainment experiences that capture the attention of this emerging demographic, while all the time keeping focussing on player safety.

Given your three-plus years as Head of Lottery Sales at EveryMatrix, how do you believe your experience will benefit Evoplay in its new venture?

Bringing over three years of Lottery Sales leadership experience, I’m thrilled to offer valuable insights to Evoplay. During my previous role, I gained first-hand experience in the importance of establishing a solid brand presence in competitive markets.

With the lottery market characterised by high entry barriers and demanding standards, I can bring the necessary diligence and foresight to Evoplay’s new venture. We’re in the process of creating a custom brand that perfectly aligns with the preferences of our lottery audience, looking specifically at the unique language and best strategies specific to launch in the casino and betting sector. Our journey is all about crafting an identity that truly connects with the essence of lotteries and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing unmatched value with safer gaming at the core. With Evoplay’s dedicated team and innovative spirit, I’m confident we’ll thrive.

With many lottery players moving from retail to iGaming in recent years, how can suppliers cater to audiences with retail preferences?

In today’s world, traditional lottery outlets like corner shops or newspaper kiosks are increasingly giving way to new online platforms. With this in mind, our approach revolves around implementing omnichannel strategies and tailoring lottery experiences to align with evolving consumer behaviours.

To stay relevant, lotteries must embrace this digital shift, moving beyond traditional dedicated lottery terminals to versatile apps that integrate seamlessly into any point-of-sale (POS) device. Self-service POS systems may soon offer the capability to deliver games or credit directly to online wallets, enhancing the customer experience and adapting to the changing retail landscape.

Evoplay is known for its innovation in the casino space, does it plan on having the same approach to lottery?

Evoplay’s innovative spirit, which initially drew me to the team, is deeply ingrained in its DNA. This commitment to pioneering solutions extends beyond the iGaming space and is poised to redefine the online lottery market. We are dedicated to attracting players, fostering sustained interest ethically and responsibly.

Our immediate priority is introducing Evoplay to the global lottery community, ensuring our visibility and presence in key industry exhibitions such as the upcoming World Lottery Summit in Paris.

Navigating Evoplay’s forward-thinking approach within the more conservative culture prevalent in the lottery industry presents our next challenge. With each step, we’ll implement fresh strategies, paving the way for innovation in the lottery sector.

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