Date: 19.09.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Last update: 19.09.2023 09:27

“Sofascore is a product of continuous experiments with various digital projects”

When we hired our first developer, we thought the product would be ready to publish in just three months. Soon we realized we had to delete everything and start form scratch – says CEO and Co-founder at Sofascore, Zlatko Hrkać, in an interview with us. We invite you to read the entire interview, where you will learn more about Sofascore’s various functionalities, or the competition.



Zlatko Hrkać interview iGamingExpress

Could you shed light on the behind-the-scenes process of creating SofaScore? What inspired you to bring this idea to life?

Sofascore is a product of continuous experiments with various digital projects. My professional background before Sofascore involve many online projects, one very popular blog and a forum with all kinds of topics that evolved to be what Sofascore is today.

My childhood friend Ivan and I have spent our college days working on our projects, trying to figure out what works among the online communities, and what we found is that sports are the universal topic – especially football.

Sport has the power to connect the whole world, and we decided it’s the best field for us to push our business to become leading in the industry.

Back in 2012, how did you envision Sofacore? What was the concept for the platform?

When we hired our first developer, we thought the product would be ready to publish in just three months. Soon we realized we had to delete everything and start form scratch.

The product ended up being way more complex than we initially thought, and we knew we had strong competition. But we never doubted our product can be the fastest live score app, with the width of 24 sports we cover today, and the deep insights that no one else offers.

How significant is the pursuit of introducing new features in your strategy to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in the market?

Over the years we have introduced various features in our product, not all were recognized immediately, but ended up being one of our main differentiators among our competitors.

Like the Sofascore statistical rating – we experienced a lot of unhappy players, managers, and fans (even family members of players) but the rating is calculated by our algorithm completely based on statistics and is applied to Messi’s performance as for any other player in the world.

We see competitors trying to reproduce some of our features, but being a few steps ahead allows us to build a strong relationship with our users – they know we always present innovative ways to speak about sports and feed their “hunger for data”.

You’re likely often asked about the competition, particularly Flashscore. How do you perceive this matter? Are you more inclined towards a “focus on our own path” approach or does competition inspire you?

We have always preferred a model where we keep our focus on our own path, but in the early days of course we had to investigate what others did for one reason – to make ours better.

Among the recent functionalities you’ve implemented, which one excites you the most?

Right now, Sofascore’s sister app – Sofascore Editor is finding it’s way to global communities and fans. This product allows sports organizations and fans to add data from amateur and lower leagues of the most popular sports. This allows users to follow their nephew in a lower league football club in the same app where they follow Messi or Haaland.

This is a unique feature that honors fans worldwide – no matter what club makes their heartbeat faster!

What’s next? What can we expect in the near future?

Our vision is to cover every match played in the world! It’s ambitious, but we believe that we have created the right platform to achieve it. Amateur and lower league sports will have their big moment, and we are ready for it.