by Antoni Majewski

Allwyn Ushers in a New Era for The National Lottery

On 1 February 2024, Allwyn will officially take over as the operator of The National Lottery, marking a historic shift in the stewardship of one of the UK’s most cherished institutions. This transition, the first in The National Lottery’s 30-year legacy, ushers in an era of renewed commitment to community, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

A Historic Handover

For three decades, The National Lottery has been a cornerstone of the UK’s social fabric, contributing over £48 billion to nearly 700,000 projects across community, sports, arts, and heritage sectors. The handover to Allwyn represents a significant milestone, promising to build on this remarkable legacy by reigniting the essence of The National Lottery and enhancing its connection with players and beneficiaries.

Innovating for Impact

Allwyn’s vision extends beyond maintaining The National Lottery’s success; it aims to transform and modernize the experience for players and retailers alike. With a pledge to invest significantly over the next decade, Allwyn is set to introduce a series of innovations designed to increase engagement and returns for National Lottery-funded projects. This includes a major marketing push, starting with a new campaign for the Lotto game, and plans to modernize the retail experience with enhanced technology and support, in partnership with Vodafone and Scientific Games.

Commitment to Social and Environmental Goals

Central to Allwyn’s strategy is the creation of social value, with ambitious plans to integrate environmental and social commitments into every aspect of The National Lottery’s operations. This includes a journey towards a net-zero National Lottery and a £1 million annual investment from Allwyn’s profits into social value initiatives. These efforts aim to ensure The National Lottery not only continues to fund vital projects but also leads by example in corporate responsibility.

Voices of Support

The transition has garnered support from various sectors, including government officials, arts councils, and the retail community, all highlighting The National Lottery’s positive impact on the UK. The endorsement from these stakeholders underscores the widespread anticipation and optimism surrounding Allwyn’s stewardship.

Looking Ahead: A Legacy of Change for Good

As Allwyn embarks on this new chapter, the focus is on fostering a deeper connection between The National Lottery and its players, supporting a broad spectrum of good causes, and setting new standards in responsible and sustainable operation. With significant milestones on the horizon, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games and The National Lottery’s 30th birthday, Allwyn’s tenure promises to be marked by unforgettable moments and a lasting legacy of positive change for future generations.

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